Thursday, November 22, 2012

I love love love all the photos we had taken at our home with Jonah when he was just a week old. was our photographer and they are so beautiful. She was here all day and Jonah wasn't necessarily the best subject, especially when he pooped on Daddy:)

These are just and handful of my favorites:) And I'm having the hardest time deciding which ones to order:) Awwww, shut a bad dilemma to have:)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Geeze louise, Jonah is already3 weeks old!! I feel behind but can't seem to get anything done with the new little bossman running my house. I'm sure it's a common feeling from what I hear and have read. So I am going to let go and just enjoy the ride. I know he'll only be sooooo small for a short while. I know the baby book will still be there and the announcements will get ordered. But for today I am just going to cuddle and feed him, and really do whatever he wants;)

Time is flying and day to day I am still figuring out this new momma thing:) Everyday I feel like his little personality is shining more brightly and he's getting use to life on the outside in this crazy world. He's got this seriousness in eyes at times like he understands everything. And he's started cooing when his belly is full after one of our one on one breastfeeding sessions (btw breastfeeding has been my other full time job this past 3 weeks.....sooo hard!! But I think we have finally started to get it down).

So for now the blog will continue to be neglected.....for I am too busy loving my little bossman and trying to manage what I can...which currently not much:)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Mr. Big Dog and I had several names for each a boy and a girl picked out since we opted to not find out what we were having. But Jonah was the only name that we really had a foundation behind...which is interesting since we ended up having a boy.

We had a couple signs with the name, like I have a childhood Jonah and the Whale sculpture in our family room and a church handout about Jonah and the whale, that  happen to be in the Bible when we decided to look at biblical names.

The deeper reason might be described as...  Jonah didn't listen to God a couple of times and each time was still forgiven and taken care of despite this.  This story applies to both of our lives and we anticipate it will also apply to our little Jonah.  We are not perfect by any means and even when we have messed things up, we have experienced God's quick forgiveness and blessings when sought.  We see our baby Jonah as one of those blessings Mr. Big Dog and I have received after facing our own storms and turning to God for help in the ocean of life.  Jonah happens to be our Whale :-)

So when our tank of a little man came out it became an obvious choice.

We have hopes and dreams for Jonah, but know there will be times in his life he will encounter his own battles and challenges. We know God will watch over him, as he has us.....

Plus look at what an angel he is:) He definitely came straight from Heaven:)

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I am so blessed. I am so lucky. I am fortunate.

Jonah Matthew Rios came on Saturday October 27th, at 8:28pm. He was 9.9lbs, 21.5 inches long and practically climbed and crawled his way out into this world. His demeanor so far is strong and sweet. He seems to have this thoughtfulness behind his eyes like he's saying "yes I know you've been waiting for me, but you had things to do and so did I before I came."

His coming into this world was a true test of my physical endurance, my mental will power and honestly my trust in a power way higher than myself.

I love my husband more now than I ever thought humanly possible. He is so loving and selfless. He is so supportive and amazing. He is my other half.

God definitely does not disappoint in the not giving you more than you can handle department right now in our household. He gave my husband and I the thrill and scare of a lifetime within hours of Jonah's birth. We were humbled to ashes by him with a quick change in my body a couple hours after delivery and I was close to leaving my husband with a new baby on this Earth alone.

 From elated to scared in seconds, his power is so strong. He saved me within those next minutes/hours and continues to show me second to second how much Mr. Big Dog, little Jonah and I can handle together now as a family.

I'm physically weaker than I've ever been, but stronger spiritually than ever. I am grateful for my life, my husband and of course my new little man.

I had heard a baby really makes you stop to smell the roses......I couldn't agree more:)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Little Baby,
I don't know what to say. You must like it in there. You do seemed crammed, but at the same time you are able to stretch and move around from mommy's ribs to her hips so it must still feel good to you. Daddy and I can see you move from across the room in my tummy, so I know you are getting big in there. I never thought you'd be late with all the doctor appts we've had and all the progress you've made, not to mention the way my body seems so ready for you to come:)

So since your Daddy and I have been waiting for you over the past 3 long weeks we have done several things to try to get you to hurry up and also just to pass the time. 

1. We've eaten out at a nice restaurant and had a great date night, since we thought it might be the last time for awhile ( you were giving mommy so many contractions at the time). 

2. Daddy has done fall/winter yard clean up, gone to the dump, cleaned the gutters, you name it outside so he'll have time to just spend with you.

3. We cleaned out closets and cleaned the whole house.

4. Your grandparents have been in town for 2 weeks waiting for you:)

5. We even painted a room, ripped up carpet and took more cleaned out stuff to Goodwill.

6. We've walked, walked, walked, and walked some more....we're talking miles.

7. Spicy food has been eaten, pineapple by the pounds and so many relaxing hot baths I think I could chalk it up to several hours.

So this test of patience for us has been hard, but when you want to come we'll be here waiting (along with many many many other people who can't wait to see you and love you).

We can't wait:)
Mommy and Daddy xoxoxox

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Reason, Season, or Lifetime
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.
When you figure out which one it is,
you will know what to do for each person.

When someone is in your life for a REASON,
it is usually to meet a need you have expressed.
They have come to assist you through a difficulty;
to provide you with guidance and support;
to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually.
They may seem like a godsend, and they are.
They are there for the reason you need them to be.
Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time,
this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end.
Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away.
Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand.
What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled; their work is done.
The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.
Some people come into your life for a SEASON,
because your turn has come to share, grow or learn.
They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh.
They may teach you something you have never done.
They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy.
Believe it. It is real. But only for a season.
LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons;
things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation.
Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person,
and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life.
It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant.

— Unknown

Ms. Ella Thomas passed away today just a month shy of turning 99 years old. She was a definitely a spitfire. She was kind, giving, thoughtful, and most importantly a dear friend of mine. She was definitely in my life for a reason, she taught me so much. We met when she was my neighbor in college, and she even became the subject of my geriatric project in nursing school:) She showed me how one person can have an impact on many many peoples lives and yet how much you are here on this earth to just live your own life:) 
I'll miss her. I already do. 
I'll miss our conversations about how much she experienced in her long lifetime....running water, electricity, cars (she told me once cars scared her at first and she would hide from them in the bushes off the road when they would come by)....but then how we could relate to each other over a milkshake just talking about our days triumphs and pitfalls and just life. 
I'm so appreciative she was in my life....even if it was for just a season.

PS The picture is and oldie but a goodie:) 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I'm kind of in the waiting "for the pot of water on the stove to boil" phase I guess.
This is probably the worst time due to my pure impatience. I don't think I've ever felt this impatient in my entire life.
I've had some pre-labor stuff or false labor..(which I really don't like to call it) about 3 times, and it is getting really old. Like God is just saying...."hmmmmm maybe now"....."wait, wait, no I changed my mind:) not yet."

So here I am. I am walking my 3 mile loop almost daily, continuing to nest with cleaning my house, and then sleeping very little (the baby likes to wake up at 4:12 like clock work, only after I've gotten up to use the bathroom a couple times).
 I am really ready for this adventure to's like I'm being held back at the starting line waiting for the gun to go off. Not only that, but it's almost like I'm waiting in a rainstorm or heatwave.....I just want to get started so I can get my be at the end and get my medal:) At least that's how it feels.

Mr. Big Dog is just as impatient as me, if not more:) Which is the only life lesson I can really take from this right now.
I think I must need more of it, so I am not given a choice at the moment. I just have to wait for this gift to come in his/her own sweet perfect time. Wait for God to give the full green light and not try to anticipate or push it, it is in his time that it will all happen.

This may also be a foreshadowing of our child's personality:) Stubborn and liking to do things at his/her own special pace? Maybe indecisive about what he/she wants and when he/she wants it?

But really I think it's just a lesson for me, breathe....relax....and everyone keeps saying to take advantage of the ability to take a nap now:) For very soon, I will have a little boss to answer to every second of my day. I can't wait!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I start to sing this song in my head as I write this post.....and I actually get a little motivated and pumped up. I just started 36 weeks hopefully within the month I will be holding our baby in my arms.
I keep telling Mr. Big Dog that is my last 10 miles of my 100 miler:) It especially feels that way lately.
I have to admit it's getting harder and harder just to move around. I think most women forget this part due to the awesome prize at the end...which erases all memory of the bad stuff.
 I am blessed and grateful for this pregnancy, however the sleepless nights are becoming nightly and the "lightning crotch" (why don't they warn you about that?) is a little shocking at times. Like take your breath away little jabs of pain, which my doctor assures me is completely normal for SOME women....lucky me. Not to mention, and unmentionable little skin eruption that lead to meeting a  dermatologist and now little scar I will tell my child is a birthmark he/she blessed me with as well:)
But really overall, I know I am given as much as I can handle by the big man in the sky and currently my complaints are really pathetic and nothing in comparison to others who have traveled my path.

This month-ish is the anniversary of my first date with Mr. Big Dog 2 years ago. Seriously crazy. Crazy we met, fell in love, got engaged, then married and now are expecting our little sweet baby in October all within 2 years.

It's crazy to think we MET two years ago and now we are so intertwined and share the same last name. I think about how people on the outside probably see us. I know I would think we were crazy:) And now about to be a parent I wonder how our children will see our story? Mom and Dad were crazy in love and had to have me too:) ....but then I know it just shows how everything works out as it's meant to and should be.

Everyone says the first year of marriage is challenging and a huge time for growth as well. But at the same time, it just feels so good and right. Even the toughest parts are not really all that tough....and with each hill we overcome I feel like we are more ready for next one which could be taller and more difficult.

I have had a couple little bumps and bruises but overall this pregnancy has been pretty smooth for my body....our home is ready, stocked and prepared for baby. Our schedules are packed full with last minute need to do's and things to finish so we can be fully ready to be knocked upside down by the introduction of our baby into our lives....but you are never really truly ready I'm told.

As the end of this journey is coming closer and closer, I'm more at peace than I have been. I know everything will happen as he wishes it to. Everything will be as it should and I will be forever changed by the end.

I just can't believe it's almost here:)

Monday, September 10, 2012

These pictures kind of say a lot but not enough. I see my friends who have been pregnant at work in a totally different light. They are tough cookies to put it mildly. Being pregnant is hard on your body in just daily life.....and any job, but as a nurse in our unit I can now personally say it is really really hard sometimes.
Our job is so physically demanding and we are on our feet for 12 hour shifts. Mr. Big Dog keeps sweetly asking and supporting me quitting any day I feel like it.....but I feel like I'm on that last 20 miles of my 100 mile bike ride. I want to finish strong for myself. I want to know I have done 100% till the end.
Now don't get me wrong, if at any point I thought I was overdoing it or pushing my body too hard for the baby I would stop. And I am not raising my hand in report for the hardest assignments or the most stressful patients:) My coworkers are great about me still pulling my weight without really pushing me over the edge:) And of course most of them have been in my shoes so they lend an extra hand throughout the day.
But with all of that being said, again I have a new respect for my friends who have been pregnant at my job. It's hard stuff and I am actually hopeful it is going to help with my delivery:) Most of them delivered at 38 weeks;)
I can't wait to tell my little one that he/she went to work with me, 3 days a week 12 hour shifts as a nurse....from week 1 to whenever it ends.....

Saturday, September 1, 2012

My sissy had her beautiful new little man yesterday:) He's just precious:) Sweet Keaton Hayes Roberts.
I'm sure more pictures will come soon......

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Well we are in the last stretch of preparing for our little one coming:)
 Aren't these shoes just the cutest things you've ever seen? Baby's first Nikes:) Mr. Big Dog.....aka Big Daddy picked them up at the Nike employee store yesterday after he scored a pass from a co-worker. 
I can't wait to find out what God is blessing us with.....boy or girl:) The closer we get the more I think about what our little one will be like.  We feel as ready as we possibly can be, really because you are never really ready ever. 
We talk about how everything will work out as it is suppose to and there is no use in having too much worry or too much anxiety about any of it. Many woman before me have done this huge daunting task and many will after me. I know labor will be a challenge, but it's something you can't truly prepare too much for. You just really have no idea what to expect until you are there and in it.  
We know having a baby will be hard, but we are ready and excited for the challenge. It's kind of like the feeling of Christmas and knowing you're about to get this awesome present but you really don't know what it is...but that you want it so bad.  
At the rate this little one is moving around inside my tummy, those shoes might be necessary sooner than later:) Do we have a soon to be runner joining us.....or maybe a gymnast.......

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Well I have been pretty healthy most of this little baby's growing journey (aka pregnancy), that is until last Friday. I am one of those people who rarely gets with the flu or a cold. I attribute it to my nursing career since I am probably exposed daily to germs and bugs that would pull the paint off the walls in some places...I know gross right? Well when you are preggers, your immune system can go either way....or so I'm told. You can be jacked up healthy and have any aliment you usually have subside like maybe a skin sensitivity or you can get sick easy with just touching one little door handle.

Like I have said I've been pretty healthy, but I have been a little more sleep deprived and stressed lately and I touched the wrong door handle or maybe got too close to someone with a nasty cold, so now I have been sneezing and coughing since Friday:( So today I finally called the midwife, who wanted me to see my regular doctor, who then told me what I could take to ease the symptoms but really I just need rest and time. Which is the opposite of what I want to do right now. I feel like I have so much to do and the weather is so beautiful, it just stinks being sick especially in the summer.

At least in the winter it's crummy out and you can't do much but stay in anyways, but summer.....the weather is finally great here in the PNW...I was on a role with my everyday get the gist. It actually reminds me of kindergarten. I was 5 or 6 and our little class was having our first open house for parents to come and see all of this artwork we had worked on. I remember Ms. Sakimoto, this beautiful Asian teacher I had having us all get ready with our artwork and getting the classroom perfect for this big open house night. I was really excited for it. Who knows why, just to show off my projects to my parents or the thought of it being an event? Anyways I was super excited for it and then the day before me, my sister and brother all came down with the chicken pox. I remember when my mom told me we couldn't go to the open house because I was sick....and I remember not feeling sick so I still wanted to go. Instead we rode our bikes in the garage and played with a new to us refrigerator box we made into some sort of fort.
So kind of a bummer, my mind says go but my body says rest.  So I am getting some R & R, trying to take it as a sign to slow down against my will for baby and I. It's weird how much more I am aware of how what I do does affect someone else right now, it's not just about me:)
At least it's nothing serious just a bothersome cold:)

And as for the sleepless nights, the hubs got me a pregnancy pillow that has changed my world for the better....but then I started coughing all night so once cold has past I am sure my sleep with be much improved:) At least until baby really gets here;)

And now for some bathroom pics.......Just to leave on a positive beautiful note.....

And now the beautiful ones:)

So much roomier too:)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Well I am finally ready to share the nursery:) It's been a long process due the room being originally a mint green with forest green carpet......for um probably the past 12 years. Yep, Mr. Big Dog never even really ventured up stairs unit I moved in. Now we have beautiful guest room, baby room and the most fabulous bathroom too!
Everything I could have dreamed of and more. It has far surpassed my expectations and then some. When we first started talking about what we wanted everything to look and feel like, I told Mr. Big Dog that I kind of think my ideas for a nursery are those comparable to what you would want in a wedding as a little girl. You just have ideas of what you want it to look like. He went along with it being the awesome husband he is:)
The nursery is kinda like MY little project with all the little touches I have wanted for my little dream baby for my whole life.
 I am addicted to PINTEREST, if you're not don't start because you will end up on it constantly. You can find me by name, Lindsey Rios. Pinterest is seriously like my crack:) and Mr. Big Dog has been known to take the computer away at night due to my obsessive pinning:) 

 Here are the befores, try not to get sick off the green:(   
I heard once "they" purposefully don't paint hospitals green inside because they can make someone sicker...but I think it's all about moderation, this room way TOO green:) 
And no I don't know who "they" are. But it does kinda sound legit. 

Now for some of the soothing afters...... and photos never really do anything complete justice....ugly or beautiful.

 And the colors don't look as great in the pictures:( The crib is a barny red and my awesome grandma (the sewing queen of Northern Nevadawhom we relocated to the PNW this past February) has been sewing her brains out for both the babies dues this fall.....My sissy too, I'm only having ONE;)  She made the quilt as just one of the her many projects. And I love it!!!! It came out just like I wanted, perfect:) Plus it had tons of love dumped into it's making:) The rest of the bedding is a chocolate brown gingham I ordered online, it's on my interest too.
Most of the furniture was thrifted or I had it somewhere else in my home and I just did the free shopping around mi casa:)

Next the bathroom pictures.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

She of course has her own blog here.....and she is always super busy doing a million things at once (I wondered where I got that trait). Anyways, I have not been great about taking a lot of pictures of my belly progression:( I know, I know, I intended to but when you don't feel great or anything close to pretty your picture taking confidence seems to suffer.
So I asked my mamacita to come take some pics......she can make a paper bag look good:) Thanks mom:)

 The last one was just for fun:) I thought we were doing a funny face, while the hubs thought it was serious time;)

I'm 6 1/2 months:) Part of me feels like it flew by and the other part feels like the next 2 1/2 months are sooooooo far away.

Monday, July 9, 2012

I love love love that I have friends who have survived pregnancy. I need them oh so bad sometimes. I mean really really need them to talk me off the ledge of my insecurities, my worrying, and of course giving me little nudges of "it will all be fine and you can do it." I've just started to get a lot of anxiety about the big delivery day.
I mean it has to come out at some point, my midwife did say she's never had one stay inside yet:) But really the whole childbirth experience is so scary. I know, I know...women have been doing it since forever...but I have obviously never done it and so there is some anxiety there. And I think about how many of my friends are on their 2nd and 3rd time, so it must not be too terrible...right? or maybe so bad you develop some sort of amnesia from it.
Today I started to have a little panic attack about how my baby will come into the world. Do I get an epidural? Do I try it un-medicated? And if so how in the world do you "train" for that? I just started to get so overwhelmed I thought.....I'll just call one of my besties who has DONE it and then pretty much verbally explode all of my fears to her.
She was great as usual:) She talked me down, let me know it will all work out and be oh so worth it. She spoke highly of her epidural but also said she would definitely think I was stellar if I did it without meds.  Then she said something funny...."either way you get the same prize at the end" really just reinforcing that it doesn't matter how you get there...but everyone gets there.

I'm lucky to have someone like her to shoot it to me straight but also give me a slap over the phone for my nerves....which today I desperatley seemed to need;)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

 Lately I am feeling good, relaxing a little bit more, and enjoying my stretch off. I have a lot of projects to finish and work on but I just can't seem to get started on really any of them.....or I am waiting for the timing so I can start A which leads to B which then makes me finish C. So for now I don't feel like doing C because I can't do A.....hope that makes sense.
But the weather is beautiful, I'm having a nice weekend with my Mr. Big Dog and hopefully this weather lasts. Oh by the way, it's nice to have a grandma with a pool at her clubhouse:)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

On the way home from work last night driving I just became overwhelmed with the fact that I am about 6 months pregnant and going to be a mother to a little baby. I say overwhelmed but it's not a negative thing, more like just a realization and this gratitude just washed over me. I was listening to this song.....and then next thing I knew I was crying (most likely some hormones had to do with that) and thinking about how much I already love this person I don't even know. Boy or girl I have been waiting for them for a long time, even if it's only physically been 6's really been a lifetime:)
I can feel my little one kicking more and more and I get so excited about how I get to meet them in October. It really feels like Christmas is coming but also like a race or exam I am preparing for is nearing the last stretch of getting ready. 
Mr. Big Dog and I are about to start all kinds of baby preparation classes, which should be fun and interesting...maybe even comedic at times. Our house baby prep is in full swing and Mr. Big Dog is doing so much to get everything all ready for our little family. He's been extra sweet with his paparazzi photos, he loves the belly and the dogs love our strawberries as you can see. 
And I am so happy I don't even mind that I am awake at 430am this morning, let the pregnancy insomnia begin.......oh and remind me I said that later;) 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Well I have been feeling little baby Rios making a debut from the inside, but I can't feel it from the outside quiet yet. Everyone said how "you'll know" when it's the baby....and it's funny because I can just like they said. It's not too often yet, and actually sometimes right as I realize it....then it won't move or kick again:( But I do have to say it makes it more real by the second.
The Rios house is continuing to get ready for our little one, project by project...which by the end of June should be coming to completion. I promise pictures then:)

We also have been talking about all of our soon to be life changes and it's funny how sometimes God makes this the time to open up other doors and windows with options.......we'll see how it all pans out, but I have faith it will all be as it should. I feel like like our household is this little kettle full of water on the's just warming up getting ready to boil:)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Well I have taken on the chores inside as Mr. Big Dog does the yard;) He loves it and today the weather is beautiful. My only real job outside has been picking strawberries from our little berry patch we planted last year. This year the berries have quadrupled and we are reaping the harvest daily, as well as the birds and our dogs...who I keep finding eating strawberries in the patch:) Nothing like seeing a St. Bernard munching on a little strawberry to make you laugh. 
And I can't help but laugh and smile when I watch my adorable husband mows his lawn, he has so much fun with his newest toy...the monster mower:) 

Monday, June 4, 2012

My life lately in pictures.....
Food have never tasted so good:) Whose idea was it to paint the crib? And I do not like having my picture taken at all:( This was a very forced moment with the hubs.....and NO I am not having twins...I am 5 months prego, half way mark!!! (but this photo was actually at 18 weeks...yikes). I think it just my shortness and build that makes it look a lot least that's what I keep telling myself.

It's been busy and about to get busier. But I do thrive best in chaos....somehow I seem to get more done;) Baby is growing well as I am half way through helping to create it, 21 weeks start Friday.
I have taken before pictures all over the house, since soon there will be after pictures of the nursery and our guest bathroom. I can't wait to show the finished projects:)

But for now, life couldn't be better....well except for that unexplainable crying at times:)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Lately, I have been trying to not let stress get me too riled up. But it is so easy to do when you loose faith even a little. I'm in this constant battle in my head with "everything happens as it's supposed to" and "oh no! maybe I should do A, B, and C in hopes I get D!"
I'm sure it's normal to have a little bit of anxiety when you're pregnant. Like stress about whether or not I will work full time once the baby comes? should we try to renovate the bathroom before the bundle gets here? NAMES?!!!! Will I be a good mom? the list goes on and on......

 But really when I sit back and think....."you know if you just relax, it will all be okay."  I know I let more of GOD's will in, and I don't have to make these bigger decisions alone. I know everything I have EVER forced, did not work out. I have learned a lot the hard way and also sometimes the more painful way. And I know I can handle whatever is thrown my way with the support of GOD and my husband.

That does not mean this is not a daily battle. And I now am realizing I worry about the wrong things.
Like what people will think about my decisions. Like what people will think about OUR decisions. I have people in my life that can be judgmental and don't necessarily think letting things just "happen" is the way approach certain life decisions.

 But I do know that just because I don't have kids, doesn't mean I don't know anything....but sure I can learn a thing or two:)

 Just because financially I can stay at home with my baby....doesn't mean I necessarily will full time....who knows how and what situation my family will be in 6 months from now, plus the 3 month maternity leave is actually 9 months:) Oh and Mr. Big Dog gets paternity leave too, so if we overlap who knows how long till I really would have to address this. Plus NOTHING is permanent:) My point is this stress if for nothing because no decision needs to be made right this second:)

 Whatever name I choose will be perfect.

 The bathroom is just another room in my house at the end of the day.

People can judge me all they want, but in the end I really only care about how I look in one person's eyes......GOD.
I know if I do the best I can, let His will happen, then everything will always be as it's supposed to be.
Now if only I could truly live this motto second to second, oh the stress I would eliminate!
Oh well, I am only human:) And all I can do, is the best I can do:)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Well I don't think I mentioned yet it but my sissy is pregnant too:) She's about 6 weeks ahead of me with my soon to be newest nephew. We are so excited to have another set of little boy feet running around. And if anyone can handle 3 boys, it will be my sister. We had a great Easter morning over at my mom's today and my sister and I did our first belly shot together!
It's funny how when you're younger you think about things like your sister always living close by and maybe someday you having kids around the same time. And then life happens and you realize this is really not a realistic fantasy and the chances of it happening are not that likely.
My sister and I have always been close, she came to Portland a year after me and attended the same college. We've been able to live somewhat close to each other now for the past 5 years, and even closer since my latest move. But here we are and we are both going to be pregnant together:) It's starting to really sink in as we took our first dual belly shot on Easter morning. How much fun to be pregnant with your sister?!!!
I can't wait (remind me I said this later) so be in our last trimesters this summer together, hopefully by the pool with her other little men:)
I think now that we are both getting further along our guards are more relaxed and we can really start to enjoy being pregnant together. She'll definitely have a lot of sisterly advice I will take as I prepare for my first little bundle. And we can also lament together about our swelling bodies and most likely encourage each others worst food cravings:)
I mean, what else are sisters for anyways? I just love her:)

Saturday, April 7, 2012

So we hit a mile marker and turned 12 weeks on Friday:) I personally think this picture makes me look more pregnant then I look in person but Mr. Big Dog disagrees as he rubs the bump daily:) ( I don't know if that is a good thing, or bad thing but it's pretty cute).
We are going to start taking pictures every week to document the bump growth. It's hard to explain, except "weird." I mean your body just takes off and starts doing its own thing on autopilot. My hunger pains have slowed, thank god and my energy seems to be increasing:) My headaches (knock on wood) have not happened in over 2 weeks!!! And I'm really starting to feel like I CAN DO THIS attitude coming it. It's funny because before I got pregnant I was lamenting to Mr. Big Dog about how I NEEDED something to do. You know, something to train for....a half marathon, another bike ride, a new job, etc. I needed something challenging and physical. And I do realize I do better with constant chaos and a schedule (like that 100 mile bike ride gave me) but nothing seemed to be really jumping out at me at the time. And I even remember joking with him and saying, "well if I get pregnant I guess that will be like my marathon....I mean you are training for 9 months and it's physical." And we both laughed. And now here we are 3 months into my newest adventure, and he's part of the ride:) Which makes it so much better.
I just feel blessed all around. Blessed for my husband, blessed to have a job, blessed to not have too much stress in my life and now blessed to be able to become a mommy. I've wanted kids for a as long as I can remember. I was the big sister to two siblings, I always had a baby doll, and I became the neighborhood babysitter really more for fun with the bonus of cash. I watched my sister experience it up close and my brother with his wife, but it's just not enough or the same to watch it from the side seat. I am so excited to experience it......
We got to hear the heartbeat a couple weeks ago and it was this surreal moment of everything being so "right" in my life. Just this little tap on my shoulder from god to say, "hey, remember I told you it would all work out and your life would be so much better." And I swear he even added a little laugh, like you silly girl:) I couldn't help but smile and think about how much I have been given and how I just want to cherish every single second of it:)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Well I think I have had a good day of 100% hormones and just unexplained emotional roller coaster.
It started with having to really face head on that I do not fit into any of my pants anymore. Yes this is due to the creation of life, but still its hard to really wrap my head around. I've said before I wasn't raised in the healthiest family in regards to eating habits and exercise. And I really have had to make a conscious effort over the past 3 years to be active and push myself to probably the best physical shape I have ever been in. Now with all this being said, I have not done a single second of exercise since I read that little extra pink line on the pregnancy test. I think I have gained 10lbs (this seems to depend on the time of day and the scale), I think at least 5 of which is in my chest....but that does not make clothes on top any easier to fit:(
So after 3 outfit changes, I crammed myself into a not so pretty ensemble for an early Easter egg hunt with my nephews:) Only after almost crying twice due to this.
Pregnancy is so much harder on me physically than I would have ever imagined. I have had barely enough energy to get up sometimes and then by 3pm I hit this wall and just want to crawl into bed. And when I do try to push it, and get moving....its amazing how short of breath I already am at 11weeks.
I have moments where I just want to go on a run.....I made it as far as the driveway a couple weeks ago and then just couldn't do it. Just blah with a side of exhaustion:(
And I keep hearing this crack train is going to hit in the 2nd trimester and I will be rearing to go again:) That all this energy will come out of no I am waiting, waiting, waiting:)
I have things to do:)
1. Paint the nursery (don't worry I took before pictures to show)
2. Possibly paint this crib one of my friends gave us
3. Maybe find some other pieces of needed furniture....changing table, dresser
4. oh and catch up on the last 11 weeks of housework I feel like I have not been helping with:) (Thanks hubby:)  )
So today I was not my prettiest physically or emotionally to a couple of the key people in my life:( And I know it is exhaustion mixed with one could say anything "right" until about 6 o'clock tonight:) And tomorrow is a new day, new hormones, and hopefully the real Lindsey will be back bright and early. But I know, they will love me though this........because I know they love me the most too.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Well first off I have to praise my husband for being the best thing in the world, on this planet and definitely my better half in my house as of lately. He is amazing. He is so supportive of me, even when he thinks he's not. He also has a gift of gently putting me in my place when I need it:) Which thankfully I hope is not too terribly often. He reminds me that I am human and I expect too much of myself at all times:) Which is true, and I need to hear a lot lately.

This blog has been neglected out of #1 exhaustion, #2 painful migraines, and when I am feeling good I am trying to make up for lost time and hours from cause #1 and #2.

We went on our honeymoon last week to Hawaii which was a blast, exhausting, and romantic all wrapped into one big week (see beautiful photo above). The Big Island was our destination and I will have home made videos produced by my hubs shortly. By the way I am almost always the sole star of these videos since he likes to film watch for eye rolling and my lack of me wanting to participate...this is because the camera was on for what seemed like a continuous amount of time....pointed at just me:) Thank you Mr. Big Dog:)

However, we are not the only two people in this picture above. Yes, our little family will be turning into 3 as of October:) Which is the ultimate cause of #1, #2 and my overall lack of blogging abilities. I can't believe it happened so fast, I can't believe how much and how fast it takes over your body, and I can't believe how blessed we feel. I know many of my friends have struggled with fertility and I was warned it could take months. Then bam here we are ready or not:) But excited is an understatement.... Even if my body has not been screaming it, I swear my heart and mind are over the moon:)

However, I am still adjusting and haven't even gotten our wedding album done yet. So to say I am feeling behind is an understatement. Oh well, life takes you at the speed which you are suppose to be going....not necessarily how fast you think it should be:)

Today we got to hear the heartbeat for the very first time, it was amazing:) And at the moment Mr. Big Dog...aka now soon to be Big Daddy and I are thinking we are not going to find out the gender of our little bundle of joy. I think it adds some surprise and even more fun to the already exciting journey. What do you think? My sissy is not happy by this AT ALL:( She's definitely more of a planner:) I love a good surprise remember:) But I don't know, I think it might keep me on my toes till the very end........
Insight? Advice? I'm all ears.........

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lord, I have never felt so out of control in my life. I mean this in the utmost surrender kind of way. I know this life has been given to me by you and I have the will to do what I want with it, but I again you are the one driving this bus.
I have faith and know that you give me what you know I need and what I can handle in the perfect timing of when I can handle it and need it.
I may have said over the years, "everything happens for a reason" and "it's his will, not mine" but really when you start to see everything line up in your life and become your dreams it really is overwhelming. It is so beautiful and wonderful but so scary all at feel the faith you have had is really being proven.
I have watched my sister and brother both find their partners early on, as I took another path against your unspoken guidance even with all the glaring warnings you flared at me. But you still loved and supported me through it and helped me to the other side.
I have always wanted to be a wife. To have a partner I can share everything with, someone who really gets me and loves me unconditionally. You have now given me all of this.

I have watched my sister and brother start little families with babies over the past years, and I craved and wanted it all so much for myself. I love them all with as much as I can, but still I hoped and prayed someday I would get the chance to experience it all myself.
As I watched from a far, everything else in my life seemed to fall apart. And when I sat in the rubble I hoped and prayed that you could help me find something better. You did.

All my dreams and hopes are being given to me, and there is no one who can convince me it is not you doing the work. You loving me and making it all happen. It happened so quick, it feels like overnight. I look at myself in the mirror and have to pinch myself sometimes. To feel this happy and be so content. To be so excited to live and see what is coming next.

And I know it is all your will and plan, and that things can change. But I trust in you that you know what is best for us.
Thank you is no where close to enough, I am so blessed.....we are so blessed.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

I had her for 11 years and 134,000 miles. I think I may be the only one in my family to keep a car to long. She was reliable and good to me. And now she is going to be a blessing to another family.
I didn't realize how attached I was to her until we got the call today that she sold. It funny how a car is such a huge part of your life and how much you depend on them. I have a lot of memories with that car, but I am ready to let her go.
On to the next chapter.....

Monday, January 30, 2012

I've been trying to cook more and tonight I made this new version of a chicken pot pie. The recipe calls for some grand Pillsbury biscuits you just plop on top and bake. Mr. Big Dog loved it, I think I can tweak it to be a little better;) The biscuits just weren't quite as done as I would have liked on the bottom, but it was still pretty good;)
I like to cook by just "chicken pot pie" then I just mix a couple recipes together or pick one I like. Or by the ingredients I have in my pantry and "spinach, tomatoes, etc."
I'm open for any new recipes if you have any:) This housewife thing is kind of fun;)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Really I would never want to be 16 again. Don't get me wrong it was a nice year, not a lot of grown up responsibilities and my biggest worry was homework (or really how I was going to wear my hair to a dance). But geese I'm only 31 and my body just isn't what it used to be.
Mr. Big Dog and I went skiing yesterday. I actually snowboard and he skis. And let me first preference this whole post with the fact that in the past 10 years, after being raised with Lake Tahoe skiing in my backyard, I had really only going snowboarding a handful of times. So yesterday was the first real time of the season, or really in the past decade it was one of these small handful of times.
I forgot how much I love it, I forgot how fun it can be, but more importantly I forgot how athletic and conditioned you have to be to go ALL DAY.
I felt old and rickety, and by 11:30 needed a break with the hubs at the lodge. I even got a little down and depressed after lunch about how I "used" to be good at what now seemed like an accident waiting to happen as I fearfully tried to inch down the hills. I "used" to be fearless and not afraid to get hurt with a fall, and now my thighs and calves were burning worst then they ever did on a 70 mile bike ride. Burning like they might just ripe off and I would bleed to death from a detached muscle (which by the way could never happen).
It's sad but very true that what you don't use, you will surely loose. So I had my little pity party and Mr. Big Dog cheered my grumpiness out of me about how great I thought I used to be;) And we rode almost all day at the mountain.
Now to look back at my 16 year old legs and how I would ride all day and then tackle night skiing, and then go back the next day for more.
Today my legs are sore and as I sit here thinking about it all, I can't wait to get back up there. I know I'll never be 16 again, but I like this different place I'm at at 31. I like hanging with my husband drinking hot chocolate when we get tired, and watching the little tiny kids learning with their tow rope lifts. I like being able to still do something I have done since I was 13, maybe not as well but I am still getting out there. And I like how God puts you in a place of loving what you have when you have it, and doesn't let everything be easy. Can you imagine if I was able to just jump off a sofa and ski like I was 16 again without any effort? I think you would take more for granted.
Which today I love my sore legs more than ever, I might even go for a winter run:)

Monday, January 9, 2012

I took my two favorite little men this morning to the Vancouver Library downtown. If was my first time, but the boys were veterans..... they have been there with their mommy so I wasn't completely lost with the 3 year old telling me from the back seat, "white dare auntie, and dare are bikes here too." Thinking he must be confused by some other place with bikes, I mean why would he associate the library with bikes? We headed in. And there by the front door were several bikes, which he again pointed out, "dare dare are the bikes auntie." His memory is AMAZING by the way:) And I had to laugh when he showed me the bikes;) he knew what he was talking about......

In we went and we played hard for over an hour, then picked some books out, attempted to use the bathroom...which after getting all the way in there, dropping his drawers and his little brother trying to wash his hands.....he all the sudden did not have to go:(

Eventually I registered for my Vancouver Library card so we could check out some books. I got all checked in with my card and then as we started to head out through the "book" detector by the front doors we sounded the first alarm (remember I have a 3 year old and almost 2 year old with me). Back in we went as the librarian over her reading glasses looked at us like "get back here and what did you really put in that diaper bag?" They checked us out again...okay out we go....alarm for a second time. Now I am starting to think that maybe one of my nephews has put something in the bag that I didn't notice.....but no I don't find anything.

At this point I think we are starting to cause a little scene since the boys are starting to get hungry and we keep almost leaving and then coming back it.

So third time was a charm, no alarm and off we went home with 4 books about dogs:)

In the parking lot I load them up, seat belts on, as we start to back away I ask "what do you want for lunch?"

Hot dogs was the loud smiley answer I got, so hot dogs it was:)

I can't believe how fast they grow, I remember just yesterday Carter crawling and now he has his first bike:)

I am amazed by my sisters energy with those boys, seeing as how I kind of needed a nap myself once I got home just from our adventure this morning:)

Today just reminded me......Thank goodness for little boys and I love being an Auntie:)

Friday, January 6, 2012

What's the saying? A picture is worth a thousand words? Well this is our surprise wedding in order of the day:) We did not want a big wedding, but we didn't want to elope. We went back and forth with ideas and decided a surprise to everyone invited would be fun. It was hard to trick everyone, but overall I really don't think people knew it was a wedding until the last couple minutes. We loved every minute of it and the whole day was fun without a lot of pressure. I got my cake and ate it too with a beautiful wedding, minimal stress and of course I married the man of my dreams for the cherry on top!!!
We were engaged at Multanomah Falls so we decided it was a perfect place to say I DO.....

My mom made these thinking it was a "family dinner" for her to get to meet his side:) They were perfect and she found the idea on Pinterest of course:)

You need favors, plus it was cold outside......

The officiant announced "You are all here for a wedding!!! Bundle up cause we're going outside"

Mom's face = Priceless

We were waiting........
Here they come........
Again Mom = Priceless

Dinner with our families and closest friends to seal the deal.........
It was perfect.....

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