Monday, January 30, 2012

Working on my housewife skills

I've been trying to cook more and tonight I made this new version of a chicken pot pie. The recipe calls for some grand Pillsbury biscuits you just plop on top and bake. Mr. Big Dog loved it, I think I can tweak it to be a little better;) The biscuits just weren't quite as done as I would have liked on the bottom, but it was still pretty good;)
I like to cook by just "chicken pot pie" then I just mix a couple recipes together or pick one I like. Or by the ingredients I have in my pantry and "spinach, tomatoes, etc."
I'm open for any new recipes if you have any:) This housewife thing is kind of fun;)


  1. So glad you're enjoying life again. Keep on cooking babe.

  2. Hi Lindsey, I went through the same thing with mushy's my solution
    Worked out pretty well IMHO :)
    Like you, got to the end result via combining an assortment of recipes. My main requirement was no cream of anything soup.


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