Monday, September 10, 2012

Taking a walk in others women's shoes

These pictures kind of say a lot but not enough. I see my friends who have been pregnant at work in a totally different light. They are tough cookies to put it mildly. Being pregnant is hard on your body in just daily life.....and any job, but as a nurse in our unit I can now personally say it is really really hard sometimes.
Our job is so physically demanding and we are on our feet for 12 hour shifts. Mr. Big Dog keeps sweetly asking and supporting me quitting any day I feel like it.....but I feel like I'm on that last 20 miles of my 100 mile bike ride. I want to finish strong for myself. I want to know I have done 100% till the end.
Now don't get me wrong, if at any point I thought I was overdoing it or pushing my body too hard for the baby I would stop. And I am not raising my hand in report for the hardest assignments or the most stressful patients:) My coworkers are great about me still pulling my weight without really pushing me over the edge:) And of course most of them have been in my shoes so they lend an extra hand throughout the day.
But with all of that being said, again I have a new respect for my friends who have been pregnant at my job. It's hard stuff and I am actually hopeful it is going to help with my delivery:) Most of them delivered at 38 weeks;)
I can't wait to tell my little one that he/she went to work with me, 3 days a week 12 hour shifts as a nurse....from week 1 to whenever it ends.....



    Sending you all the best!
    I am so very excited for you!!

    I'm always amazed at nurse's who work through pregnancy's... just another reason to give them the utmost respect.

  2. Love the pictures!! You are one tough cookie Lindz. Soon baby Rios will be here.

  3. Gotta love the belly! You are one cute mama to be!
    Your mama


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