Monday, July 30, 2012

Coming together

Well I am finally ready to share the nursery:) It's been a long process due the room being originally a mint green with forest green carpet......for um probably the past 12 years. Yep, Mr. Big Dog never even really ventured up stairs unit I moved in. Now we have beautiful guest room, baby room and the most fabulous bathroom too!
Everything I could have dreamed of and more. It has far surpassed my expectations and then some. When we first started talking about what we wanted everything to look and feel like, I told Mr. Big Dog that I kind of think my ideas for a nursery are those comparable to what you would want in a wedding as a little girl. You just have ideas of what you want it to look like. He went along with it being the awesome husband he is:)
The nursery is kinda like MY little project with all the little touches I have wanted for my little dream baby for my whole life.
 I am addicted to PINTEREST, if you're not don't start because you will end up on it constantly. You can find me by name, Lindsey Rios. Pinterest is seriously like my crack:) and Mr. Big Dog has been known to take the computer away at night due to my obsessive pinning:) 

 Here are the befores, try not to get sick off the green:(   
I heard once "they" purposefully don't paint hospitals green inside because they can make someone sicker...but I think it's all about moderation, this room way TOO green:) 
And no I don't know who "they" are. But it does kinda sound legit. 

Now for some of the soothing afters...... and photos never really do anything complete justice....ugly or beautiful.

 And the colors don't look as great in the pictures:( The crib is a barny red and my awesome grandma (the sewing queen of Northern Nevadawhom we relocated to the PNW this past February) has been sewing her brains out for both the babies dues this fall.....My sissy too, I'm only having ONE;)  She made the quilt as just one of the her many projects. And I love it!!!! It came out just like I wanted, perfect:) Plus it had tons of love dumped into it's making:) The rest of the bedding is a chocolate brown gingham I ordered online, it's on my interest too.
Most of the furniture was thrifted or I had it somewhere else in my home and I just did the free shopping around mi casa:)

Next the bathroom pictures.....


  1. Looks great. Gotta (me) get cracking on those curtains!

  2. It is perfect!! Baby Rios is going to be very comfy in that crib. I love the red.

  3. It is perfect! But we are all still on pins and needles waiting to see if lil' Rios is a HE or a SHE!
    Gramma Cupcake


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