Saturday, October 20, 2012

Overdue by 1 Long Day

Little Baby,
I don't know what to say. You must like it in there. You do seemed crammed, but at the same time you are able to stretch and move around from mommy's ribs to her hips so it must still feel good to you. Daddy and I can see you move from across the room in my tummy, so I know you are getting big in there. I never thought you'd be late with all the doctor appts we've had and all the progress you've made, not to mention the way my body seems so ready for you to come:)

So since your Daddy and I have been waiting for you over the past 3 long weeks we have done several things to try to get you to hurry up and also just to pass the time. 

1. We've eaten out at a nice restaurant and had a great date night, since we thought it might be the last time for awhile ( you were giving mommy so many contractions at the time). 

2. Daddy has done fall/winter yard clean up, gone to the dump, cleaned the gutters, you name it outside so he'll have time to just spend with you.

3. We cleaned out closets and cleaned the whole house.

4. Your grandparents have been in town for 2 weeks waiting for you:)

5. We even painted a room, ripped up carpet and took more cleaned out stuff to Goodwill.

6. We've walked, walked, walked, and walked some more....we're talking miles.

7. Spicy food has been eaten, pineapple by the pounds and so many relaxing hot baths I think I could chalk it up to several hours.

So this test of patience for us has been hard, but when you want to come we'll be here waiting (along with many many many other people who can't wait to see you and love you).

We can't wait:)
Mommy and Daddy xoxoxox


  1. We are all ready, poised with cell phones in hands, waiting for "the call"!
    Your Mama

  2. Thanks for sharing your conversation with Baby Rios. You guys are awesome. Grandpa and Grandma Rios

  3. I just now read this, so maybe the baby is here. . . You are in for the most wonderful journey of your life! Best wishes!!!

  4. We are so excited!! It can be any day now :)

  5. Okay Baby Rios it's time! We all are waiting on pins and needles for your glorious arrival. Mommie and Daddy are waiting to love and take very good care of you. Can't wait to meet you soon.

  6. Congratulation! Mr. Big Dog Jr indeed!! God Bless you all!


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