Saturday, March 31, 2012

Well I think I have had a good day of 100% hormones and just unexplained emotional roller coaster.
It started with having to really face head on that I do not fit into any of my pants anymore. Yes this is due to the creation of life, but still its hard to really wrap my head around. I've said before I wasn't raised in the healthiest family in regards to eating habits and exercise. And I really have had to make a conscious effort over the past 3 years to be active and push myself to probably the best physical shape I have ever been in. Now with all this being said, I have not done a single second of exercise since I read that little extra pink line on the pregnancy test. I think I have gained 10lbs (this seems to depend on the time of day and the scale), I think at least 5 of which is in my chest....but that does not make clothes on top any easier to fit:(
So after 3 outfit changes, I crammed myself into a not so pretty ensemble for an early Easter egg hunt with my nephews:) Only after almost crying twice due to this.
Pregnancy is so much harder on me physically than I would have ever imagined. I have had barely enough energy to get up sometimes and then by 3pm I hit this wall and just want to crawl into bed. And when I do try to push it, and get moving....its amazing how short of breath I already am at 11weeks.
I have moments where I just want to go on a run.....I made it as far as the driveway a couple weeks ago and then just couldn't do it. Just blah with a side of exhaustion:(
And I keep hearing this crack train is going to hit in the 2nd trimester and I will be rearing to go again:) That all this energy will come out of no I am waiting, waiting, waiting:)
I have things to do:)
1. Paint the nursery (don't worry I took before pictures to show)
2. Possibly paint this crib one of my friends gave us
3. Maybe find some other pieces of needed furniture....changing table, dresser
4. oh and catch up on the last 11 weeks of housework I feel like I have not been helping with:) (Thanks hubby:)  )
So today I was not my prettiest physically or emotionally to a couple of the key people in my life:( And I know it is exhaustion mixed with one could say anything "right" until about 6 o'clock tonight:) And tomorrow is a new day, new hormones, and hopefully the real Lindsey will be back bright and early. But I know, they will love me though this........because I know they love me the most too.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Well first off I have to praise my husband for being the best thing in the world, on this planet and definitely my better half in my house as of lately. He is amazing. He is so supportive of me, even when he thinks he's not. He also has a gift of gently putting me in my place when I need it:) Which thankfully I hope is not too terribly often. He reminds me that I am human and I expect too much of myself at all times:) Which is true, and I need to hear a lot lately.

This blog has been neglected out of #1 exhaustion, #2 painful migraines, and when I am feeling good I am trying to make up for lost time and hours from cause #1 and #2.

We went on our honeymoon last week to Hawaii which was a blast, exhausting, and romantic all wrapped into one big week (see beautiful photo above). The Big Island was our destination and I will have home made videos produced by my hubs shortly. By the way I am almost always the sole star of these videos since he likes to film watch for eye rolling and my lack of me wanting to participate...this is because the camera was on for what seemed like a continuous amount of time....pointed at just me:) Thank you Mr. Big Dog:)

However, we are not the only two people in this picture above. Yes, our little family will be turning into 3 as of October:) Which is the ultimate cause of #1, #2 and my overall lack of blogging abilities. I can't believe it happened so fast, I can't believe how much and how fast it takes over your body, and I can't believe how blessed we feel. I know many of my friends have struggled with fertility and I was warned it could take months. Then bam here we are ready or not:) But excited is an understatement.... Even if my body has not been screaming it, I swear my heart and mind are over the moon:)

However, I am still adjusting and haven't even gotten our wedding album done yet. So to say I am feeling behind is an understatement. Oh well, life takes you at the speed which you are suppose to be going....not necessarily how fast you think it should be:)

Today we got to hear the heartbeat for the very first time, it was amazing:) And at the moment Mr. Big Dog...aka now soon to be Big Daddy and I are thinking we are not going to find out the gender of our little bundle of joy. I think it adds some surprise and even more fun to the already exciting journey. What do you think? My sissy is not happy by this AT ALL:( She's definitely more of a planner:) I love a good surprise remember:) But I don't know, I think it might keep me on my toes till the very end........
Insight? Advice? I'm all ears.........

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