Monday, July 9, 2012

I get by with a a little help from my friends....

I love love love that I have friends who have survived pregnancy. I need them oh so bad sometimes. I mean really really need them to talk me off the ledge of my insecurities, my worrying, and of course giving me little nudges of "it will all be fine and you can do it." I've just started to get a lot of anxiety about the big delivery day.
I mean it has to come out at some point, my midwife did say she's never had one stay inside yet:) But really the whole childbirth experience is so scary. I know, I know...women have been doing it since forever...but I have obviously never done it and so there is some anxiety there. And I think about how many of my friends are on their 2nd and 3rd time, so it must not be too terrible...right? or maybe so bad you develop some sort of amnesia from it.
Today I started to have a little panic attack about how my baby will come into the world. Do I get an epidural? Do I try it un-medicated? And if so how in the world do you "train" for that? I just started to get so overwhelmed I thought.....I'll just call one of my besties who has DONE it and then pretty much verbally explode all of my fears to her.
She was great as usual:) She talked me down, let me know it will all work out and be oh so worth it. She spoke highly of her epidural but also said she would definitely think I was stellar if I did it without meds.  Then she said something funny...."either way you get the same prize at the end" really just reinforcing that it doesn't matter how you get there...but everyone gets there.

I'm lucky to have someone like her to shoot it to me straight but also give me a slap over the phone for my nerves....which today I desperatley seemed to need;)

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  1. You will be fine. It's not nearly as bad or scary as what you can picture in your mind, and that lil' prize is Oh! SO worth it!
    Your Mama


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