Saturday, September 7, 2013

Well I see yet again it's been a month since I have written a word on these pages. Not that I haven't wanted to or thought about it, life just gets so busy.
Isn't that the truth? Life gets busy. Does life ever really get slow? I think back to elementary school when summers lasted forever and college when winter break seemed like months. I remember wanting to hurry up to get through parts of my life like counting down the days until I could get my ears pierced (my dad had a rule about it) and then of course my drivers license ( I was there on my birthday first test of the day!).
Looking back there was a lot of rushing to grow up and get to the next level. The next age, stage, and step my life was going toward.
Now I just feel like hours fly by, days turn into weeks, and I blink and summer's gone and fall is in the air here in the Pacific Northwest.
My little baby is turning more and more into a little boy before my eyes. He wants to feed himself, he is almost there with walking, he sometimes even leaps out of my arms for his crib as if to say "mom I got this, I don't need the rocking anymore thanks." Everyone said it would fly by but until you're in it, you really can't relate.
I cherish so many moments throughout our day. His little personality is really shinning though more and more. He loves his daddy and I have heard him say "da da" to Mr. Big Dog a handful of times. He loves to eat and play hard. He climbs on everything. He is truly full of life. He dances to any music and is always smiling....really at anyone who will make eye contact. The grocery store is always entertaining and he gets tons of people wanting to talk to him and play peekaboo or just compliment him on his smile.

It's just funny how life changes. From endless countdowns and wanting to hurry's like with a blink I just want to slow down and maybe even repeat last month. He's already 10 months old....I am saying this with a wimpier :(

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