Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Final Countdown

I start to sing this song in my head as I write this post.....and I actually get a little motivated and pumped up. I just started 36 weeks hopefully within the month I will be holding our baby in my arms.
I keep telling Mr. Big Dog that is my last 10 miles of my 100 miler:) It especially feels that way lately.
I have to admit it's getting harder and harder just to move around. I think most women forget this part due to the awesome prize at the end...which erases all memory of the bad stuff.
 I am blessed and grateful for this pregnancy, however the sleepless nights are becoming nightly and the "lightning crotch" (why don't they warn you about that?) is a little shocking at times. Like take your breath away little jabs of pain, which my doctor assures me is completely normal for SOME women....lucky me. Not to mention, and unmentionable little skin eruption that lead to meeting a  dermatologist and now little scar I will tell my child is a birthmark he/she blessed me with as well:)
But really overall, I know I am given as much as I can handle by the big man in the sky and currently my complaints are really pathetic and nothing in comparison to others who have traveled my path.

This month-ish is the anniversary of my first date with Mr. Big Dog 2 years ago. Seriously crazy. Crazy we met, fell in love, got engaged, then married and now are expecting our little sweet baby in October all within 2 years.

It's crazy to think we MET two years ago and now we are so intertwined and share the same last name. I think about how people on the outside probably see us. I know I would think we were crazy:) And now about to be a parent I wonder how our children will see our story? Mom and Dad were crazy in love and had to have me too:) ....but then I know it just shows how everything works out as it's meant to and should be.

Everyone says the first year of marriage is challenging and a huge time for growth as well. But at the same time, it just feels so good and right. Even the toughest parts are not really all that tough....and with each hill we overcome I feel like we are more ready for next one which could be taller and more difficult.

I have had a couple little bumps and bruises but overall this pregnancy has been pretty smooth for my body....our home is ready, stocked and prepared for baby. Our schedules are packed full with last minute need to do's and things to finish so we can be fully ready to be knocked upside down by the introduction of our baby into our lives....but you are never really truly ready I'm told.

As the end of this journey is coming closer and closer, I'm more at peace than I have been. I know everything will happen as he wishes it to. Everything will be as it should and I will be forever changed by the end.

I just can't believe it's almost here:)

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