Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Coughing fits, sleepless nights, and our bathroom remodel

Well I have been pretty healthy most of this little baby's growing journey (aka pregnancy), that is until last Friday. I am one of those people who rarely gets sick...like with the flu or a cold. I attribute it to my nursing career since I am probably exposed daily to germs and bugs that would pull the paint off the walls in some places...I know gross right? Well when you are preggers, your immune system can go either way....or so I'm told. You can be jacked up healthy and have any aliment you usually have subside like maybe a skin sensitivity or you can get sick easy with just touching one little door handle.

Like I have said I've been pretty healthy, but I have been a little more sleep deprived and stressed lately and I touched the wrong door handle or maybe got too close to someone with a nasty cold, so now I have been sneezing and coughing since Friday:( So today I finally called the midwife, who wanted me to see my regular doctor, who then told me what I could take to ease the symptoms but really I just need rest and time. Which is the opposite of what I want to do right now. I feel like I have so much to do and the weather is so beautiful, it just stinks being sick especially in the summer.

At least in the winter it's crummy out and you can't do much but stay in anyways, but summer.....the weather is finally great here in the PNW...I was on a role with my everyday walking.....you get the gist. It actually reminds me of kindergarten. I was 5 or 6 and our little class was having our first open house for parents to come and see all of this artwork we had worked on. I remember Ms. Sakimoto, this beautiful Asian teacher I had having us all get ready with our artwork and getting the classroom perfect for this big open house night. I was really excited for it. Who knows why, just to show off my projects to my parents or the thought of it being an event? Anyways I was super excited for it and then the day before me, my sister and brother all came down with the chicken pox. I remember when my mom told me we couldn't go to the open house because I was sick....and I remember not feeling sick so I still wanted to go. Instead we rode our bikes in the garage and played with a new to us refrigerator box we made into some sort of fort.
So kind of a bummer, my mind says go but my body says rest.  So I am getting some R & R, trying to take it as a sign to slow down against my will for baby and I. It's weird how much more I am aware of how what I do does affect someone else right now, it's not just about me:)
At least it's nothing serious just a bothersome cold:)

And as for the sleepless nights, the hubs got me a pregnancy pillow that has changed my world for the better....but then I started coughing all night so once cold has past I am sure my sleep with be much improved:) At least until baby really gets here;)

And now for some bathroom pics.......Just to leave on a positive beautiful note.....

And now the beautiful ones:)

So much roomier too:)


  1. I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like Bronsy might have the same cold. :(

    The bathroom looks amazing!!

  2. Wow. I may need to get myself some Ginko. I do not remember EVER missing an Open House at school! You know how much I LOVE the guest bath re-do...I am gonna get Ralph to copy it in all of it's entirety sometime soon at our place!!!! Feel better soon, Hunny Bunny!
    Your Mama


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