Saturday, October 29, 2011

Well for awhile now I have had migraine headaches. Awhile being since 2000. I remember my first one, it was in college and it was horrible. But I always blamed it on something. Stress, eating habits, college alcohol ingestion, lack of sleep, not drinking enough water, too much sugar, no coffee, coffee, etc. You get my drift.
But as the years went on the headaches continued. And I tried to cut things out that may be causing them, I've tried to figure out the triggers. And they are better then they were ( were being every other week for about 3 months). But they still are affecting my life on a monthly basis.
I know I can give myself one with stress and lack of sleep, but then I have them out of the blue without warning or really any cause that I can tell.
I have had tons of doctors, tried tons of things. Medications, acupuncture, chiropractor visits, diet and exercise. But still they are always around and lurking. Just when I think " I haven't had a migraine.." bam I get one. Then I start to think I caused it by thinking about it. Seriously, I am so sick of having them.
So I found a new doctor that doesn't just brush me off with "you could be worse." And she is leaving no stone unturned.
Today I have an MRI I am not looking forward to, but I am looking forward to just knowing if there is something I can do to stop these headaches. My stress level is low, my sleep has been pretty plentiful ( I always run on 7 hours:) ) and I like to think I am eating relatively healthy (besides Halloween candy).
So wish me luck and pray I don't freak out in the MRI machine, it's an hour long. What a way to spend a Saturday:) At least Mr. Big Dog is going with me.....poor guy but such a trooper.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

I love how we can act like ten year olds on a Sunday night, ending our weekend carving pumpkins:)
I have to admit I stole the heart shape idea off Pinterest:) My latest addiction. Now our porch is lit with little personality on this crisp autumn night:)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Well I don't really know the answer to that question. Life gets busy. Busy with important things, and busy with unimportant things. And then you realize it's been a month and you haven't gotten your toes done with your good girlfriend or posted on your blog:(
Life can do that. I can not believe it's October. I can not believe I have sold my house and moved in with my wonderful Mr. Big Dog. I can't even believe I have a fiance some days. But it is all so good and I get overwhelmed at how fast it is all speeding by.
I look back to how I have lived in the pacific northwest for 13 years, how I've only been back to Reno once in the past year, and just how grown up my sister, brother and I are.
My nephews and niece are already toddlers, in the blink of an eye they are talking and feeding themselves. Life just keeps speeding by. Everyday seems to slip through my hands faster lately and I just can't fit it all in.
And tonight, watching all my nephews and niece running around in their little pajamas I just took a mental picture. I just wanted to remember their little hands and feet, little voices and laughter.
I just want to hit the pause button right that John Mayer know, this one.
Everything is so great, I just feel like it's all happening too quick and I just want to enjoy every single second of it.......

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