Monday, January 9, 2012

A day with the boys....well morning at least:)

I took my two favorite little men this morning to the Vancouver Library downtown. If was my first time, but the boys were veterans..... they have been there with their mommy so I wasn't completely lost with the 3 year old telling me from the back seat, "white dare auntie, and dare are bikes here too." Thinking he must be confused by some other place with bikes, I mean why would he associate the library with bikes? We headed in. And there by the front door were several bikes, which he again pointed out, "dare dare are the bikes auntie." His memory is AMAZING by the way:) And I had to laugh when he showed me the bikes;) he knew what he was talking about......

In we went and we played hard for over an hour, then picked some books out, attempted to use the bathroom...which after getting all the way in there, dropping his drawers and his little brother trying to wash his hands.....he all the sudden did not have to go:(

Eventually I registered for my Vancouver Library card so we could check out some books. I got all checked in with my card and then as we started to head out through the "book" detector by the front doors we sounded the first alarm (remember I have a 3 year old and almost 2 year old with me). Back in we went as the librarian over her reading glasses looked at us like "get back here and what did you really put in that diaper bag?" They checked us out again...okay out we go....alarm for a second time. Now I am starting to think that maybe one of my nephews has put something in the bag that I didn't notice.....but no I don't find anything.

At this point I think we are starting to cause a little scene since the boys are starting to get hungry and we keep almost leaving and then coming back it.

So third time was a charm, no alarm and off we went home with 4 books about dogs:)

In the parking lot I load them up, seat belts on, as we start to back away I ask "what do you want for lunch?"

Hot dogs was the loud smiley answer I got, so hot dogs it was:)

I can't believe how fast they grow, I remember just yesterday Carter crawling and now he has his first bike:)

I am amazed by my sisters energy with those boys, seeing as how I kind of needed a nap myself once I got home just from our adventure this morning:)

Today just reminded me......Thank goodness for little boys and I love being an Auntie:)

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  1. Yes indeed that library is absolutely wonderful. Didn't Carter want to go in for "story/singing" time? Soooooo many educational goings on besides the great books. You're such a great auntie.


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