Saturday, November 17, 2012

Getting my footing

Geeze louise, Jonah is already3 weeks old!! I feel behind but can't seem to get anything done with the new little bossman running my house. I'm sure it's a common feeling from what I hear and have read. So I am going to let go and just enjoy the ride. I know he'll only be sooooo small for a short while. I know the baby book will still be there and the announcements will get ordered. But for today I am just going to cuddle and feed him, and really do whatever he wants;)

Time is flying and day to day I am still figuring out this new momma thing:) Everyday I feel like his little personality is shining more brightly and he's getting use to life on the outside in this crazy world. He's got this seriousness in eyes at times like he understands everything. And he's started cooing when his belly is full after one of our one on one breastfeeding sessions (btw breastfeeding has been my other full time job this past 3 weeks.....sooo hard!! But I think we have finally started to get it down).

So for now the blog will continue to be neglected.....for I am too busy loving my little bossman and trying to manage what I can...which currently not much:)


  1. You are right! Enjoy every minute. Blessings, Sue Austin

  2. extraordinarily beautiful photos......


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