Sunday, January 30, 2011

Well, I bought my first rode bike a couple of years ago. And I want to tell you it took me a good year to actually get the nerve up to buy it.
I was so intimidated by the actual bike purchase. Even though I really really really wanted one, I just felt like I would look stupid when it came to buying one. I didn't know anything about real road bikes, you know real "adult" bikes. I worked extra shifts just to buy it and went in to my favorite shop several times before even speaking to an employee. Then one day, I just did it! And it didn't hurt one bit.
Now the reasons for wanting a bike....well it was to commute around town, ride to work, and just go out for rides on the weekend with friends. I was picturing myself all fit with cute little matchy bike outfit and helmet, maybe sipping a latte on a Sunday morning after a long ride.....ahhhhh.

This was probably about 3 years ago. Then 2 years ago I bought the bike. And now sadly none this fantasy has yet to materialize. And I feel guilty. Guilty because I have my health and no real good reason as to why I have not been riding my beautiful bike.

And so, as fate sometimes happens...... I found the best reason to change this. My girlfriend has a son who just went through treatment for lymphoma last year, he is doing well now thanks to medications and treatment but his disease turned her on to the LLS (The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) organization. Last year she participated in the century ride for the organization as a way to raise money for their cause and support her son.
So this year I have signed up for this century ride, called America's most beautiful bike ride this June at Lake Tahoe. Yes a century mean 100miles! I am riding for LLS, which is an awesome organization that helps people and families affected by blood cancers, as well as research to develop new amazing medications. So check out my fundraising website here:) I will be updating it frequently as my training has officially begun last Saturday. The people fighting these diseases are also amazing! A guy on my team participated in the century ride training while undergoing chemotherapy a couple years ago! Can you believe that?!
When I hear stories like that, or am around someone sick with an illness like these blood cancers I really do feel like I do not for one more second want to take my health for granted. I have NO excuse for not pushing myself when others would love to have the option to do so.
So where do I sign really was my first sentence after hearing about it;)

The people who benefit from this organization are countless. LLS really shows the money they raise with funding research and even paying people's bill who are down with the diseases. Without LLS so many medications that are currently available would not have been created. They are working miracles, and part of their fundraising is through Team in Training. You can check it all out on my sidebar or the links in this post. But you can participate in a multitude of events to help their cause.....but you perform as well:) Like the 100mile bike ride, or a marathon, or maybe even a walk.

So jump over and check it out:) Donate to the cause to help me with my goal, and think of me on these upcoming very rainy Saturday morning rides:)

Friday, January 28, 2011

One of my besties is due February 18th with her first bundle of joy. She and her hubs decided to not find out what they were having, so the shower and nursery are gender neutral with yellow, black and white.
The nursery has the words "you are my sunshine" up on the wall, which is really adorable. So the whole shower is going to be decorated around the colors and you are my sunshine.
Of course I wanted to throw her a shower, which is happening this Sunday.
I want it to be PERFECT, of course. And I want it to be classy. Which my fabulous mother is helping me to do. You know she knows a thing or two about showers and entertaining.
I put in an order for her cupcakes and cute. And she'll be helping me decorate as well.
I have to get to cleaning my little cracker box cottage for the twenty people coming Sunday:)
And I think my girlfriend is having a boy...just a hunch... a little mini beefcake to match his daddy.....
We'll see if I'm right sometime soon!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So remember I have the most blissful relaxing looking slip covered sofa? You can see it here.....
Well last night after the slipcover had been washed and cleaned and put nicely back on the sofa frame I sat there enjoying the pure whiteness and beauty of it. I love a clean house and due to my busy-ness lately, my house has been anything but clean. I just want a couple days off to clean and organize it all.
Anyways, back to the visual. Beautiful white sofa, clean white sofa, perfect white sofa. Now enter little furry canine with muddy feet from backyard. As he slipped through my hands I actually screamed "Noooooooo" in slow motion. "Noooooo" as he slipped and shimmied all over my white sofa, kicking his feet back and forth to make sure every single piece of dirt was off of him and onto the sofa.
I have NEVER been so infuriated in my life.
So back to the wash....
This is why a white sofa is beautiful but not at all practical, and my dog seems to hate me this week:(

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am waiting for some mail to come. Or waiting for a phone call. Waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting is the hardest part, the not knowing what is going to be delivered into my little mailbox.
It could be a happy letter or a back to the drawing board letter......

That little mailbox has a lot of power over me right now. And a lot of my attention. So please excuse my distraction and lack of blogging at the moment.....

I will just be here thinking positive waiting by the mailbox.....

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I love the first hour I am awake each morning. The quietness, the coldness, the sun not up yet. Depending on the day I bounce out of bed or slowly migrate to the kitchen and start my day. The dogs are buzzing around ready to attack any squirrels in the yard that may have intruded over night. They have a little ritual of stretching, doggie yawning, and collar shaking they do by the back door before I let them out to explore. I swear they check the whole yard before getting too cold and running back to my warm house. As if they have never been out in the yard.
But this time can also be when my mind wanders. Hate is a strong word, it's actually just uncomfortable. This quiet time when I am truly by myself for the morning to think and sort through my day to come. Or I should say it's just god and I. Time to just think and breath. Do I take a left or a right? Am I doing everything I "should" be doing? Am I missing any signs?
It's the same no matter if I am at a cabin in Sunriver or my little cottage here in P-town. It's the same if I wake up in my bed alone or next to someone, my mind is still alone for a while even when I am with someone. Just thinking, just planning, just searching. Always taking this minute to sort it out again and again to make sure I am not missing anything.
And at the end I am ready to take on my day, let things happen as they are going to, and just be and do the best I can.....whatever that may be.
Now if I just had a Starbucks in my kitchen this whole morning thing would be a little better. But I guess I will have to just stop by on my way to work like all the other addicted Americans.

Monday, January 10, 2011

This weekend was a blast. Lots of fun with skiing, hot tubing, and just relaxing by the fire. It's funny how board games as adults are even more fun than you remember them as a kid. I never remember really liking Monopoly. Actually I remember it as the longest game on the planet, taking too much time and never getting to the purchase of a hotel. Growing up we never made it very far into the game, probably due to our lack of budgeting and becoming too broke too early in the game and then having to claim bankruptcy at twelve years old:( But this weekend playing with Mr. Big Dog, my sister and her CFO husband took Monopoly to the next level. It really is a great game.
I, being the only non business major or minded player, actually didn't do too terrible. But I did lose to Mr. Big Dog:( and for the record I would have won if some shady dice rolling had not occurred......(you know it's true! and I am not a poor sport:) )It just was really fun to do something (like play Monopoly) that I haven't done in a very very long time. My love for skiing is rekindled, maybe Monopoly will become an new addiction, and hot tubs are on my new-old favorite list of things that make me smile. I guess this weekend was a reminder of the simple things that make life great....and boy did I needed that reminder:)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I like to think I am a work hard, play hard kinda girl. And yes I have been working hard, but I have to say I have been playing a lot too. However, you can always use more play.
I haven't taken a "real" vacation since May, wait I guess you could count Vegas which was September. Still September was awhile back so I think I am due;)
All work and no play makes for a dull Lindsey, and stressed out one too! I need to take a break and relax. So Mr. Big dog and I thought it would be fun to do a ski trip to Bend:)
And who better to join us than The Roberts clan:) I can't wait to sled with my favorite little man....

Pictures to come later...have a great weekend.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Well I hate to say it but I have not been attending church as often as I should. Life gets busy and for some reason I get off track and don't go for weeks at a time. But today, as usual I felt like the sermon was directed just to me.
It was about how everywhere you look you should see signs as to your purpose in life. The purpose God has for you. It's deliberate and direct and you can only avoid and run from it for so long. After awhile you will be faced with it and you might as well wise up now and be open to it. You are not in control (even though we all like to think we are from time to time....or maybe all the time).
And this really got me thinking. I mean if I look at my life, the past couple of years, and all the signs given to me....I am finally on my path. I am not fighting it, forcing it, and I am okay with whatever happens. Which actually takes this huge weight off of my shoulders.
I'm not saying that just because of this sermon today and me having this realization means it will be easy and I will now sit back and put my feet up. But I am more aware of the lack of stress I need to put on myself about the unknown.
If it happens, it happens. And if it is not to happen I am okay with it.
So my purpose may not be written in bold black and white, but I can say it's not hidden away in the garage either.
We'll see what January brings. I have cast a couple lines out and I am just waiting to see what direction I am supposed to be going now...or should I say what bites:) Time will tell and now I am just patiently waiting.

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