Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This photo is of New Year's Eve in Paris...wish I was there....but I am not so............................
I was thinking about how New Years resolutions are odd. I mean it doesn't take New Years to find something about myself I want to work on.

With that being said my resolutions:

I want to read more

I want to gossip less

I want to just "BE" more which actually means do less:)

I want to plan more and react less

I want to laugh a lot more

I want to cry less

I want to drive less and ride my bike a lot more:)

I want to be a better me......

Have safe New Year!!! See you in 2011:)

Oh and check out my mom's blog: to participate in her giveaway today. She wants to know what your "word" for 2011 can check mine out under the comments. Just because I am her daughter doesn't mean I can't win her giveaway:)


  1. Love your list....and you CANNOT win my giveaway. I'll make you a "True" banner this weekend, Hunny Bunny.
    Your Mama


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