Sunday, December 12, 2010

The jacket addiction continues.....

So for those of you who may not know....Portland, Oregon is the home to the Nike Campus, Adidas Headquarters, and Columbia Sportswear. As a local you usually have a friend or a friend of a friend, or you're a nurse and your facility gets you these awesome passes for the employee stores around town.
These stores are AMAZING! You can get stuff way cheaper and you can get stuff other people can't because it didn't make the cut for the public.
So being a nurse now at OHSU, I scored a day pass for Nike and Adidas this year. But the only glitch is that you can't take anyone with you. I don't know about you but I shop better with someone else.
I did venture to Nike all by myself and did some serious damage on Friday, but like I said I wanted to shop with someone. So I called on my sister in law who totally came thru and hooked up Mr. Big Dog and I for Saturday too!
As well as my massage guy who does massages for Columbia employes so he hooked us up for Columbia!
I was feeling pretty cool and popular with my connections, and I think Mr. Big Dog might have been a little impressed by my resoursefulness too:)
I got a new snow coat:) Mr. Big Dog got two more coats (this may be a red flag....I haven't decided yet). Some awesome Christmas gifts, an awesome picnic/snow Penelton blanket:) and who can't use more running gear??? It's actually very motivating for me to buy running just makes me want to run!
Back to Columbia...the owner/creator is an awesome local you've probably seen on the commericals and labels. Her name is Gert Boyle, aka Ma Boyle. Well we had some local drama a couple weeks ago when some guys tried to kidnap her in her home for ransom. But she is so brilliant she deployed her burglar alarm and they were all caught. Pretty neat story....she maybe kinda of my hero....


  1. I was trying to figure out how your sister-in-law in Reno was able to help you... Then I thought maybe you and Mr. Big Dog were moving faster than I thought and you had a new sister-in-law... I finally realized that you meant MY sister-in-law for the hook-up. LOL. I'm not sure if your sister's sister-in-law is your sister-in-law too.

    I'm am a bit concerned about the coat addiction, but if we get rid of him for that, we'll have to disown mom for her shoe addiction.


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