Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Back on the wagon

Well every single time I am in my best physical shape I tell myself I won't slide again. I won't get off the workout wagon and I won't stop running. But it always seems that life happens, things get busy and other priorities start to dictate my days. So now here I am having to start over again. I ran last night on a treadmill for the first time since last spring.
Don't get me wrong, I think the treadmill was a great invention but I hate them. I hate that I can see my speed and mileage. It makes me crazy, and I mess with the machine constantly. Up, down, up, down, really I can't get in a good rhythm.
But after working 32 hours in the past two days, I was happy to squeak out a 2 mile run on the man made trail at 24 hour (during prime meat market time too 7pm, that's when the girls workout in makeup).
And my adventure to 24 hour fitness was sadly not due to my craving to run, even though I have had them over the past couple weeks, but more that Mr. Big Dog thought we should each have a mileage goal for the week. A challenge from Mr. Big Dog? Maybe?
I said 6 miles ( I am rusty remember), he said 8 miles. So I am shooting for 8 miles, but really it's my job that makes this extra hard.....I have 36 hours divided into 3 days starting today!
Oh if all I had to do was run and work was optional, I think I would run as many miles as I had too:) But this week I have another 6 to go, wish me luck.


  1. You've already run 2 more than I will this week ;)

  2. Wishing you luck, Hunny Bunny!
    Your Mama

  3. My last blog was about this very thing! I think it's in our natural tendency to sabotage myself. I have fallen off of the wagon as well! We must get back on there! Maybe we can motivate eachother!


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