Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas in the house.....

Well I have my tree up and decorated and it's just the first week of December. I don't think I have ever been this organized in December in my life! I even has some gifts bought!!!

I think this year I am a little more excited about the holiday. Last year I vaguely remember an argument about how messy Christmas trees were and how they really had no point. And I really don't know how a tree fits in with the birth of Christ but it's a tradition my family always had growing up. And I love it thank you very much:)

My house is a cracker box, really really tiny. And this year I decided to put my tree in the corner behind the sofa. My old Iphone photography really does not do the room justice because it's not as crammed as it looks. It really came out cozy actually.
I don't have a fireplace so I have started the tradition of handing my stockings on my plantation shutters:) I love my shutters, actually every house I've owned I put them in:) They just look great open, closed and with all kinds of styles of decor. Very classic:)
Anyways I got the cutest stockings at Monticello's Holiday sale in the Worthy Goods booth! My mom mentioned it on her blog here:) These stockings are so adorable and suited just for me with the red american cross looking detail at the top. And my sister is having her make some custom ones for her family.

Now if I just still had Santa to stuff them, that would make it all perfect....


  1. Looks great!!!

  2. The entire living room looks great!!!!! You've given me hope that I can make my new living room cozy looking too!
    Your Mama


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