Sunday, December 19, 2010

The creativity gene

I have this theory, which I can strongly argue may be fact. My mother is one of the most creative people I know. Seriously, she can make a paper bag look like a million bucks. Once she made a spectacular table setting at my house with my things (she calls this shopping around your house) in just 20mins before Thanksgiving dinner and it looked like I spent a lot of money and planned it for hours. My sister and I joke (but even my sister has more creativity than me) that our teachers knew for sure we never did our school projects without mom's flare. Once she even used plaster of paris on a barbie for my mummy project, this was in 4th grade!
So as the holiday gets close I find myself trying so very hard to be "creative" with my gifts. I am trying to make things with not much money, and a lot of thought. Even wrapping a present is overwhelming for me because my mom even sells a video on how to wrap presents. Her presents always look that great!
So it seems I would just be better off if my mom would come over and help me. Even with my decorations, this lack of creativity has become a dependence on my mom. It's gotten to the point of repeated phones calls and now IPHONE pictures, all to get a creative blessing for whatever I am working on.
I do have hope that my children will again have the gene because they will not have a creative mom, thus they will HAVE to step it up and just make special things happen. Or maybe grandma will just help them too:)
So wish me luck as I go back to work....worst case I will pull the daughter card now that my mom lives only 30mins aways:)

1 comment:

  1. Oh dear Gawd! Stop that. You ARE creative!!!! I'm flattered that you think I am talented, but you are my little acorn and you have talent too!
    Your Mama


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