Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pick me up

"Remember, He does not see us the way we see ourselves; He sees us the way we are meant to be."

This sentence gets me out of my head when I am hardest on myself. When I am going over regret and getting frustrated with myself about how I coulda, woulda, shoulda done something different.
In the end I know I AM trying and everyday it gets easier to be a better me. To not have hate in my heart, to not judge others, and to just let go and not worry about what is ahead.

Easier said than done. Well for now, I'm just off to work:)


  1. This year I made a goal to try and be a more positive person...it was harder than I thought it would be! HAHA! I think I'm going to try again for 2011. That is a great quote!


  2. I don't think you give yourself enough credit. Anyone who came to this blog cold, without knowing you, could not help but be inspired. "The way you are" already seems to be: a good person with a big heart.


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