Friday, December 3, 2010

My dirty little not so secret

My mom and sister surprised me with Vinny (named after Vincent Van Gogh) back in the Fall of 2001. He was a puppy and became my first dog. I took him everywhere with me, he was the life of every college party, has made several drives to the coast and Reno with me, and has seen just about every single dog park in the Portland/Metro area. He has had tons of doggy training classes and is a very smart little Chihuahua mixed with a poodle.
Now for the problem.....He has been potty trained from early on but he has this little aggressive side which seems to be getting upsetting-ly worse as of lately. And he is the grand of age of almost 10 years old, or in dog years he is a 70 year old little man.
So the dirty truth people is....... he is a marker. Yes people, I said it. You don't want my dog at your house because he likes to tinkle little amounts of golden liquid around mainly pieces of furniture like sofas and tables. He has committed this crime around my beautiful house. I have caught him in the act recently and he just looks at me like "what's the problem mom?" Infuriated I did the typical "no, no, no" but can I really change his old man ways at 10 years? Can you break old habits of an old dog?
I have had to watch him at other peoples homes because he has always had this "issue" over the years when it comes to someones house where there are other dogs. He was always the bad house guest until I found a doggie diaper he now wears. He doesn't seem embarrassed or even deterrent by the diaper.
Infact lately at Mr. Big Dog's house he just pees in the diaper (which he never use to do, the diaper was a detergent). And it's not like he doesn't get outside enough, this is not a medial issue. It is just enough tinkle that you know he was marking, but now I can't even leave him without the diaper in my own home (which previously was not an issue).

Any advice out there? Am I destine to have a dog that wears a diaper forever? But look at those eyes, even if he's a cranky incontinent old dog he is also the sweetest little four legged furry thing I have ever known:)


  1. Well, I have a pug and he has the very same problem. Eugene (our pug) doesn't do it throughout my house but chooses to go into my sons room and "mark" on his toys that are on the floor. I never take him to other people's houses because I'm afraid of what he will do. After I caught him doing it in Caleb's room I started crating him whenever I would leave. I think it finally stopped him from doing it. We shut Caleb's door now when we leave. I think it was Eugene's way of having dominence over Caleb?? Not sure, it's the weirdest thing! Sorry!

  2. Usually it's because of feelings of insecurity or a perceived threat. Also the smell of other animals on your footwear or clothing can trigger marking.

    Maybe you could see/find a dog behaviorist for some ideas on how to correct.

    Good luck.

  3. My guess would be he is getting a little crotchity in his senior years, and less tolerant of multiple dogs. My parents' aging dog (a girl) started squating in the floor and peeing, and they've embraced the diaper. Since they stopped trying to make her quit and just keep a diaper on her all the time, everyone's happier. Mom buys huggies and cuts a hole in for her tail. I don't know if that is cheaper than the doggie diapers or not. You probably want to double check with your vet first, though, to make sure he doesn't have any health issues triggering his behavior.

  4. I think Vinny is doomed to wear doggie diapers for the rest of time! I know kats and dogs are lots different but my 15 yr old kitty started doing that and never stopped. My daughter's cat was terrible and now is on prozac bec the vet thought maybe he was feeling a little stressed with the kids running around and it has seemed to do the trick for him! Good luck : )

  5. Well, I hate to say it, but I think he's gonna be wearing Doggie Depends from now until he leaves us to go meet Jesus, Hunny Bunny.
    Your Mama


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