Monday, December 27, 2010

I don't have a good poker face....

I like to think you can't tell what I am thinking by my expression, but sadly I think I may have inherited the exact lack of this ability from my mother. I can read her face like a book, actually like the front page headline of the newspaper. God love her you can see her emotions simultaneously as she feels them all over her face.
I like to think I can not show judgement when I totally disagree with you, but I don't think I can. How can I work on my poker face? I want to be the wise one that keeps you guessing because you really can not tell what I am thinking.
The only way I can think to really work on this would be the obvious.....changing my way of thinking. I mean really, if I didn't "react" with emotion my face wouldn't show anything.

Case in point: Tonight about to leave work I had a problem between myself and a couple peers/coworkers. There was no right or wrong answer but they seemed to feel that there actually was a right answer and it was their answer.
Tired, exhausted and really feeling unappreciated for the tolerance I had all day for this exact type of dilemma.... I could feel my face and neck getting blotchy, aka my emotions getting the best of me and my face showing every single part of it. The more I notice the warm feeling flushing my face, the more flushed I am sure I get.
So now even if I am calm and not emotionally driven I look crazy and emotional by the shade of rosy pink my cheeks take on.
I think with maturity and experience my flushed face moments have lessened, but that doesn't make their rare occurrence any less embarrassing.
For now, I just got to chuck it up to a day at the office. An event I can learn from, and next time maybe even if I am thinking frustration....they won't see it all over my face:) Or maybe I will channel some mediation to take me down from the frustration level all together. That would be great:)


  1. I feel your pain and yes, sadly, I DO think you got this trait from my side of the gene pool.(And to think, I thought I WAS doing a good poker face at least for the past decade...hmmmm.)
    Your Mama

  2. Just go with it. "A picture is worth a thousand words", right? They can just use their imagination as to what you're thinking but words cannot be taken back so you're ahead already!

  3. My husband has always told me that I carry my emotions on my face...there is no hiding it! Let me know if you find out how to do it! HAHA! Oh, and when I get really mad, I just start crying...Embarrassing!!


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