Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Advice for your budget

With the economy being so rotten, I know we are all trying to pinch our pennies and get the most out of our shopping. However, there are somethings I have realized you should not under any circumstances go cheap on! You get what you pay for and the more expensive is just worth it. So I am trying to save you any heartache out there....

1. Ziploc bags.....case in point: When shaking Christmas chex mix in the bag to coat them with powdered sugar.....it is good to spend the extra dollar so the bag does not explode all over your kitchen. And for the record my dogs could not even lick it all up:(

2. Matches...yes matches. I bought cheapo grocery store brand matches and I continue to use them like an idiot. I have burned myself and countless times the match has broken while lit. I am then diving behind furniture trying to snub the burning little stick as to not burn down my house. Why I do not have a long lighter I do not know but maybe Santa could bring me one.

3. Cornbread mix. Marie Calendars is the best...will always be the best....and I think that cheap Jiffy stuff may just be sawdust with a little side of cornmeal:(

4. And last on my mind....Christmas wrapping paper. I made the mistake of buying some from Target's dollar section.....too bad I didn't really notice it's too short to cover a standard present. Long enough yes, wide enough no. So if you want to wrap tiny little packages it's great, but you really can't use it on anything else. Not worth the deal to me;) Even if it has cute little dogs with snow hats on!

Just what's on my crazy mind:)

1 comment:

  1. Yep get rid of those matches. I've never seen a plastic bag explode. Sure sorry I missed that dramatic event. Why is it we have to learn these things the hard way? Must be because it puts things in prospective; well at least we don't repeat these acts, eh?


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