Saturday, December 11, 2010

Someone may have a problem.....a jacket problem that is

We did some self Christmas shopping at REI last night. Mr. Big Dog "needed" a new winter snow coat. "Needed" has been an ongoing discussion. I mean I like to point out my newer found appreciation for the things I really "need" in my life. Like family, friends, food, water, maybe a day to sit back and know things I need as opposed to "want". Sure I would love a trip to Hawaii or a pair of knee high black boots, but I don't "need" them.

So this jacket is not a necessity but more of a wish or want. He works hard and plays hard so a new coat was earned:) In our adult life it's funny how are "wants" change. I mean Mr. Big Dog has been researching and googling away for the perfect coat. He checked snow magazines, websites, you name it for this big purchase perfect coat.

He found the brand he wanted online at REI....check here to see his dream coat. So now that you have the visual. We are in REI. This nice man is assisting us at the dream jacket rack. The only jackets locked up, attached to the rack in the entire store due to their "special-ness" I was informed (more like price really:) ).

We are chatting and joking about how REI must throw a parade in your honor or at least throw in a limousine ride for the purchase price of this beautiful jacket. Or how you could theoretically be stranded in the forest, find a creek and literally use this jacket to gather water like a plastic bag for your survival (really this coat is that intense). And last but not least how this coat, sad but true, will most likely outlive both of use due to its durability.

SOLD! Mr. Big Dog is ready to buy his coat:) But wait!

The conversation went something like this:

"Didn't I wear a coat into REI?"- Mr. Big Dog (MBD)

" You probably left it in the car."- oblivious me

"No, I think I wore my Northface coat in"- MBD

"Oh dear, what did it look like?"- me

"Black. Ah, the car keys are in it."-MBD

Now a little panicky we start to comb the coat area for a black northface coat, used in appearance and hopefully with car keys in the pocket (my car keys by the way).
We gathered some REI employees to join the search when an older man (employee) says, "well I did put a Marmot coat away on that rack a minute ago."

"Oh yeah! It's a marmot coat! Where? Where?"- MBD

"What! You don't even know what brand your coat is? You have a northface and a marmot coat too? What are you a collector?"-me

The very efficient older gentleman had in fact hung up Mr. Big Dog's Marmot jacket on the Marmot rack in another area. Which I then pointed out the jacket does look pretty good for being years old.

The car keys were in the pocket (which I promptly took) and we all had a good laugh. A laugh at the diligence of the employee to put things away even if they were customer owned. And a laugh that Mr. Big Dog may have a coat problem. He may "need" coats so often that he does not even know what he owns or wears.

But I must say this Arc'teryx coat is pretty nice and he does look great in it:) It will be the best in the collection for sure!


  1. LOL - Best story.

    I do love people at REI. The employees always seem so delightful!

  2. I have noticed that men collect jackets and coats like women collect shoes-

    (I am a long time reader of your mom's blog)


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