Monday, August 30, 2010

The purging of the dress..."Making Memories"

I found the most amazing organization online that is actually based out of Milwaukee, Oregon. Yes we have a Milwaukee:) The organization is called Making Memories. Anyways, they take bridal dresses by donation and then have bridal sales and all the proceeds go to breast cancer. It's called Brides against breast cancer. They do dress tours selling the dresses:)
I wanted my beautiful dress to go to good use for someone out there and what better way than this? They have an even have an upcoming sale here in Portland:) October 8-10:)

You can ship them the dress from anywhere in the country. It's a great cause and someone out there will get a beautiful dress at a fraction of the cost. Plus you get to write it off as a tax donation at the price of what you payed for it:) They even take veils too!

Another box checked off on my to do list:) And I don't have to feel bad about donating it because someone else will give it a good home:)

So if you have a dress from your previous life and you want to help out a very good cause:) They are your people. Ahhhh, another box checked off and it feels so good.


  1. You are doing so well .. proud of you.. every day gets a bit easier!

  2. Fabulous idea...and a great organization. Makes me wish I had known of them before I had your Grandma make mine into pillows to sell at Camas Antiques.....
    Your Mama


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