Friday, August 6, 2010

Doggie date or should I say froggy date?

You know some things are a real deal breaker the second time around. One biggie for me is that you must love dogs, since I have..ummmm...three four legged family members. Which I find I don't share proudly, I just say "I have dogs," since I think this may be a red flag to some people. Maybe they would think I was a dog lady who dressed them and baked them birthday cakes. You know a dog lady, kind of like a cat lady. And they would definitely anticipate that my house smells doggy (even though it doesn't:) ) So I have decided that it has to be a little down the road when I drop the 3 in front of dogs, but overall most people are okay with it, at least to my face they are.

So what better way to meet someone for the first time then to have a dog walking date:) It was his idea which was cute and creative (extra points for creativity for sure). However, I only took 1 dog. Like I said you have to ease into the 3 conversation. So I picked Ruby due to her happy personality and friendliness. I made sure Miss Ruby was well exercised (6 mile run) so that she didn't overly show her personality, as well as a bath and collar change;) Us girls like to make a nice first impression after all.

So the date was at a park and Ruby was ready to impress. Carl on the other hand ( a 2 year old Beagle) could have cared less. He didn't even sniff her. She tried to get his attention a couple of times but he was soooo uninterested. Then towards the end he seemed like he started to come around, but it was too late. She was over it and she was ready to leave. I was somewhat unimpressed by the human part of the date, so I too at that time was ready to leave.

Anyways, another date under my belt, and Ruby got another walk. I am starting to figure out the chance of all my dates being great is highly unlikely. What's that saying? You have to meet a couple toads before you meet your prince? Maybe I just lucked out on that first one:)


  1. My Chessie is named Ruby! She also has quite the personality!

  2. Hey Pal don't give up. Must admit that was a creative first date.

  3. Way to go Girl!! You are so positive and actually in the saddle again. I may not know you personally, but I'm proud of you and the fact that you have a healthy, light hearted perspective / expectation. Just as it should be so early in the game. Okay, the 3 dog deal, obviously you've got that figured out. Who knew MEN especially would be so weird about that. Oh well!! Keep smiling you're doing so great!



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