Monday, August 2, 2010

I hate bugs, but I just love a cute beetle

Can you picture it? Me driving this baby down the Oregon coast? Or maybe down to Portland's Saturday Market? Or maybe just to run with my little dog?
I love the old bugs, the new ones are okay but I love the vintage much more.
I have always wanted a fun car and this one is on craigslist. (How did we ever live without craigslist?)
I have put a lot of thought into this and so I know it would not be an impulse buy....but I do have to say this is not something I would have told you I was thinking about doing a year ago for sure.
And it makes me happy just looking at the picture! So any advice out there? Pro's and Con's people.....


  1. Buy one, already! (Can your Mama borrow it for a trip to the coast sometime????)
    Your Mama

  2. I just really see you in a RED bug... or maybe robin's egg blue...

  3. oh my gosh!!!! i feel the EXACT same way!!! get one!! i am totally going to some day. love it

  4. It's time already! I'll be there for the ride to the Coast! You will look terrific in a red beetle also. The insurance shouldn't be too bad and how fun it will be driving around town doing errands, going to the movies, meeting friends for lunch, and catching a cute guy's eye. Oh to be 30 again. Go for it kiddo.

  5. I say do it--you're starting a new life, being true to yourself, and if you can afford it, why the heck not?! :)

  6. When I see a car like that it says --- This person is fun!!! This person has personality! This girl is fearless!! Go for it!

  7. I agree totally with you...the vintage bugs are the best! Go for it!

  8. do it!!! why not? life is too short! ;o)

  9. Do it if you can! I have 3 kids and want a Mini Cooper SO badly! :) Just do it if you can, girl! :)

  10. It's awesome!!! Buy it and enjoy driving it every day. I gave up my convertible when I had kids. Convertibles are great for hauling furniture home,just put the top down, pretty much anything will fit. At Christmas I'd put the top down and drive the tree home with it sticking out the back. Convertibles are fun and you need to get your fun back!

  11. From a previous VW Bug Owner (1966 convertible, owned for about 8 years, sold in 1990 to someone that loves it as much as I did and still owns it) will never regret it. So much fun. Let us know what you decide and good luck.
    Nancy in So Cal


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