Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The countdown has begun....10 days till Hood to Coast!!

OMG! How did it creep up on me? I was just thinking how far away it still was...ummm 2 weeks ago. Now I have 10 days to really get my head in the game.
I loved it last year, I started training in March before the race last year. This year, um May I started running while I was in D.C. But I will say I began my training much more fit this year than the previous year.
I don't know if I have shared with you some of the fun aspects of hood to coast. For one, everyone decorates their vans:) And you have a team name, which can win if creative enough. I think you just win recognition, nothing too big:)

This year our van/team name is: Michael Jackson has left the building and he got into our van:) So everything will be Michael-fied and all our music will be a tribute to the King of pop:) We have are well equip with an MJ black hat and silver sequin glove too.

It's not an easy 24 hours, but it will be a blast! Especially with the people I am running with.

And my dogs get to STAY here, which they love love love. And they get their pictures taken on and off during their stay for the owners to take home, which I love love love. I really feel like they are on vacation themselves when I leave them there, which is important to find in any overnight kennel. The three of them actually get to stay in a suite together, too cute.

So start sending my your energy vibes and good thoughts for my legs:) If you want to check it out, I am running leg 3, 15, and 25:)


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