Saturday, August 14, 2010

Independent Woman?

I can do a lot on my own. A LOT. I mean I am up for a challenge most of the time, but can I do it all? Are there certain things you should leave up to the professionals? For example, I am lacking a gate and a section of fence. It seems simple enough, I mean it's just wood and nails right? And then there is the dog run I would like to put in and the doggie door. This list just keeps growing and growing. But I think that is part of being an adult and owning a home right? And you shouldn't HAVE to pay someone to do everything.....right?

So I have been talking to all my friends about "the fence and gate" project and 99.9% of them say I will help you, just wait till September:) Which is fine; I mean beggars can't be choosers. But as you all know I am very very impatient. So I decided to go to Parr Lumber myself and just check out what all I needed for the gate. Next thing I know the girl is telling me "oh honey, it is so simple. You can totally do it!" And I am nodding yes and feeling all sassy smart about how "I WILL BUILD MY OWN GATE." And things like "I don't need a man for this" are starting to come out of my mouth. No joke. I am all empowered and ready to tackle this gate. And next thing I know I am leaving the store with my car full of lumber and I am perplexed as to how I am going to actually start the project.

I unloaded my supplies I had just purchased, found a book on fence/gate building, and now I am planning. If you think you can then you can right? And I do not want to be the laughing stock of Beaverton with an amateur gate people. I need it to be just right. (And for the record I did get several quotes and the most reliable confident seeming guy was $600 big ones just for the gate alone). He must have seen my money tree growing in the yard:)

So at the moment I am planning and questioning my independent woman-ness. Can I do it? I am going to have my sissy here, sunscreen on, my handy dandy book, and I promise to measure twice cut once. Not to mention, a couple in depth conversations with the guy in the lumber department one more time:)

Wish me luck! Have any of you built a gate before? Oh and I forgot to mention, it's going to be a double wide gate...because I never do anything easy...

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  1. Okay kiddo. I sincerely think you'll need some kind of help. I'm sure you can build the gate but will need help hanging each side. September is not that far away. Another barbecue coming up called "gate building project barbecue"? Where do you find the time and energy? Ah to be 30 again!


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