Thursday, August 26, 2010

My dog is on a diet

Look at her. I like to think she's just curvy:) But over the past couple of years every time I take her to the vet I seem to have the same discussion. The conversation goes something like:
"Oh my, she's up another 6lbs!"-me
"She needs to loose weight."-the nicest Veterinarian in the world

"I walk her, I watch what I feed her, but she always acts hungry."-me
"Give her apples, carrots, anything but what you are feeding her, she needs to loose some weight."- Veterinarian
"How much weight are we talking?"-innocent, me loving every single lb of her
"At least 6lb, but more like 15." -Veterinarian

"OH, MY!" "Okay, I will get tough and really put her on a diet. No more treats, more walks, and that very expensive dog food without fat or flavor."-me
"Sounds good, keep trying...maybe take her swimming."-Veterinarian

So now here I am. How do I have a fat dog? I do walk her, and I measure her food, but the weight just keeps increasing! So now my tough love will have to kick into action as I am going to help her become an even healthier version of herself:) Maybe I have been giving her a couple extra treats here and there.....but I promise that will stop now:)


  1. But she's so loveable. Does she like to swim? Best take her before it gets to cold; might not bother her but then won't you be in the water with her?

  2. Remember, last time you took her swimming she got "Swimmers tail" and had to go to the vet!!!!!! Isay, she doesn't really need to swim, just cut back on the cookies.
    Your Mama

  3. Don't punish her by taking away the treats - substitute them with something better for her. Maybe she'll like carrots and that can be her "treat". Poor Hoffa. I feel for her. Losing 15 lbs is hard work!

  4. chicken treats at costco - 100% chicken...our fat dogs love them...maybe they don't work then...


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