Saturday, March 5, 2011

How did March sneak up on me???

To say I've been busy is a real understatement. I am balancing work and training and sleep. Really that is all that seems to be happening. I am finally off for my stretch from my big girl job and all I want to do is sleep. But I have my weekly ride with my Team In Training group this morning. Who said fundraising for leukemia would be soooo exhausting? But then I think about all the people who have leukemia who wish they could be exhausted from work and riding a bike....and I quickly shut up!
Today is 40miles, the weather is cold but not too rainy (yet). We'll see how it pans out.

Back to the topic of sleep. My body is now set for waking up at 0630 no matter what. No matter what! If I go to bed at 1am, it still wakes up at 0630. I can tell you the second I open my eyes it is 0630. And even if I want I really can't go back to sleep;( So this morning I am up with the dogs, thinking about 40miles and my professional bike fitting later this am! More on that later......and thinking how great it is to have the "problems" I have right now. Lack of sleep, not enough hours in the day or days in the week, and having too many people in my life I want to see this weekend.

Like Mr. Big dog keeps saying...."those are all great problems to have"
So think of me riding and I will post again later............when I make more time!


  1. Mr. Big Dog is a very smart man........:)

  2. I love your sassy attitude. I love your energy. And most of all, I love your the future, in life, in YOURSELF.
    Keep it up, hunny bunny.
    Your Mama
    ps. I also love the new puppy-pack photo and your profile description.

  3. You have a great outlook on life! Wish we lived closer...would love to have a friend like you here! I have been missing my bike & you are motivating me to get out there again. Wish there were clubs around this rural community!

  4. You go girl. 40 miles. I'm sending you a high-five for that one!

    Keep it up.

    Mr. Big Dog is totally right. Totally.

  5. Hey! I hope you have a great time this morning.
    I know when mine were little, we were able to go to the National Aviary and we have an awesome Children's Museum. We also spent tons of time on the playgrounds. Aunt Sarah's place isn't kid friendly. :) So I kept them out as much as possible.

  6. I have lost my father and one of my very best friends to leukemia in the last two years. You are absolutely right to remind yourself that there are many people with leukemia that wish they could ride. My father would take 90 - 100 mile bike rides before he became ill and passed away two years ago. He adored riding his bike. My friend Patty loved the outdoors, fresh air and had such an appreciation for nature and loved the pacific northwest. Thank you for doing this and bless your heart. Nicki


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