Monday, March 7, 2011

Home Sweet Home

I love my little cottage. I love how I decorated it all by myself (okay with the help of my mom).
I love that I can clean it in an afternoon and organize everything that becomes disrupted while I am at work during the week. I love how small it is, even though it really is tiny:) I love/hate how the police department is less than a mile away and I can hear sirens at all hours of the day or night:) I love that I know my mailman and my bankers. And of course my cute little old neighbors.

But even though it's small and cozy, and it's been my home for the past five years.... it feels empty tonight. I think a big part of the empty feeling it due just being by myself tonight. Which don't get me wrong, being by yourself can and is healthy and good in someways.

But in another way, I think it feels empty because it doesn't really feel like home sometimes.
I think home is where ever you make it. And home is really with the people you love and want to spend all your time with.

So in that aspect I actually have many homes around the Portland/Vancouver and even the coastal area here in Oregon. Some I spend a little time at here and there, and others I seem to migrate to for longer spans.....
And I know this empty feeling is not fear of being alone, or uneasiness from the solitude. I like having space and being alone sometimes....It is more about how I feel at home when certain people are under the same roof.

What is that old saying? Home is where your heart is..... I think that says it perfectly.


  1. Well said. Loved this post.
    Your Mama

  2. Enjoy you- enjoy being the incredible person you are!


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