Monday, March 21, 2011

Fundraising runs in the family

Currently, my new nephew (adorably pictured above) is living in a foster care situation in Ghana, Africa. This makes him lucky, as unlucky as it sounds. He could be wandering the streets or in a worse situation in Africa. We are all blessed to have him as a new addition to the Roberts clan. And I can't wait to meet him;) which could be anytime in the upcoming months.
To adopt a child is such a loving selfless thing, and then to try to improve the situation for the others left behind is even more amazing.

My sister and brother in law have always been thoughtful, caring people. But recently they have taken it to an entirely different level.
They talk about it here and here. They are two firework catalysts starting a charity organization for Ghana, Africa practically from scratch. Ujimacare is the foundation which is accepting donations and building the soon to be only orphanage. They are also starting programs for sponsoring a child so they can go to school, where they also get two meals a day. You have to pay for school in Ghana, so most children can not attend.

My sister and brother in law are modest and humble, but they really are full of ambition and faith to make a change in the world. They aren't all talk, they are all DO. The orphanage is going to cost 10,000 dollars to build and is already in the process (which you can see and follow on the blog). My sister and her husband have taken positions on the board of Ujimcare and are helping a lot of goals materialize.

My sister is so creative this past weekend we all participated in a fundraising party or I should say baby shower for her new little man. You can read about it all here. Between the party and other fundraising they are almost half way toward their goal of 10,000 dollars!

I just feel full of love and thankful and proud to be part of my family today. And if you would like to help change the world and make it a lot better for orphans in Ghana, can donate to through the Ujimacare website or through my sisters website.
Have a great day:)

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