Thursday, March 10, 2011

I should have just gone back to bed

Yesterday I had one of those days. One of those days where everything you do goes wrong.
I had a dentist appointment yesterday morning after not visiting in too long, a little over a year I am embarrassed to say;(.
This is when the nothing seemed to go right started.....

"No cavities, your teeth look great!" My very witty dentist exclaimed.

"Great" I said relieved since I felt like I was at a huge job interview that I had showed up to late, all because of the embarrassment of not going in so long.

"But we need to talk braces! This one tooth is shifting all the others and your very nice smile is on the verge of huge disruption. " By the way this was all with a smile my dentist said this.

"I am about to turn 31! I don't want braces. I don't NEED braces really do I? I am the only kid in my family to never have them!"- this is me, almost whining and on the verge of tears and laughing at the same time.

"Well sweetie, you need them and I actually think they may help with your headaches." - smiling again dentist.

I have been suffering from migraines for sometime now and they are getting worse. They are debilitating and such a huge annoyance in my very busy life that when he said this statement, it was like the sky parted and the sun came back out on my little rained on parade.
Okay maybe I can DO braces......"how long?" was my next question.

So hopefully it will only be for 4-6 months but I still can't believe it. They will happen on Monday and I am not excited about it at all. Mr. Big Dog has tried to comfort me with many many " you are beautiful and you will be just as pretty with braces:)" But really its not so much the vanity as that I hope people don't think that it is a vanity thing. You know, that people don't think " gosh how old is she? Why would you get braces at 31?"

So I am going to try to embrace the braces! And if I lose a headache or two out of it! That would be fabulous!

The rest of my day was a domino affect. My bike fitting was scheduled wrong with the bike company, so that's on hold till Monday post braces. My fundraising letter that I mailed to tons of people had a huge error with the wrong web address on page 2:( So if you received one, please disregard that address.
Anyways, today is a new much better day even though I am now dreading Monday. Oh, well. Maybe my headaches will become a faint memory...or should I say nightmare.


  1. Couldn't talk him into a "retainer", eh? Let's hope he's right about the headaches. Four to six months isn't too long. Oh, are you going to get colored braces?

  2. Awe! It'll be alright. Maybe they can do the clear ones!

    At any rate, I saw the pictures on your Mom's blog. Amazing. Beautiful. I loved the boots... and the dress.

  3. Maybe you need a second opinion - they have so many options now - the clear ones - the ones you only wear at night. I would explore all the options!

  4. Yeah, what about invisiline? Isn't that what they are called? I don't think you have to do those God-awful things that I did.


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