Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MIA in PDX lately

I am so ready for my stretch off. I have been so busy! Two jobs, running races, riding my bike, and spending time with family and friends does not leave much time at all. Especially for writing on my blog:(
My recent short time off has been riding 50miles and trying to get a trip to the grocery store in. I was supposed to ride to work starting today but after walking up hourly from 11:45 on, I thought for a good mood today I better sleep more. I don't know what wakes me but I do feel panicky like I am late or like I lost my keys. Very unsettling so then it's hard to fall back asleep. It seems to come in spans where this happens, where I have trouble sleeping. I really have always been someone who can fall asleep easy and stay asleep, then get up early no matter how little I sleep. I think I lack the genetic makeup to really sleep in late, or maybe it was just my upbringing but I never really slept in. I do sleep better when I work out, but who doesn't. I do sleep better when I eat better, but who doesn't. And of course I sleep better when I don't have to be anywhere or do anything, but that won't happen until....um......next Tuesday not that I think about it:(
So I'll try again tonight and hopefully I will be able to execute my riding to work plan tomorrow.....

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