Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Braces are on:( And now my mouth is tired too

Oh geeze, not fun at all. I'm not even 24 hours post braces (only on the top teeth) and I feel like they have moved and shifted all over the place. They are sore and I have not been able to eat normally. I think yogurt will be on the menu this morning.
Mr. Big Dog has been sweetly trying to comfort me and make me laugh. He says you can't even see them. Isn't that sweet? He's a great white liar:) I can see them like a lit up billboard, but he says they are barely noticeable.
I know it is all temporary but maybe this is a message that I need to talk less anyways. Maybe I have been talking too much and now it's time to listen for a while.

So I am listening with yogurt and Ibuprofen:) Never a dull moment here:)


  1. I remember the first couple days of having braces... I survived on yogurt, smoothies, and milk shakes. I don't know what kind you have.. but make sure you use wax if they give it to you.. and keep your mouth moist. Best wishes!

  2. Just another one of those "growing pains", eh kiddo? Hopefully, they're not on for long.


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