Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow in Portland

Growing up in Reno I took the snow for granted. And I am homesick for it today:(

I appreciated how beautiful it could make the brown desert in just a few simple hours, and how I could miss school all day due to it's relentless ambush on the biggest little city.

I loved how quiet it could make everything, and how it cracks under your feet. And how it makes the darkest night still bright enough you would think a porch light was on somewhere you just couldn't see.
I realize how much I loved it and just watching it come down, my family having a fire going and everyone having hot chocolate:)
I realize how much I loved it most, of course when it snows in Portland. I have lived in this snowless city for going on 13 years. Gosh, time flys. And I hate to.... but love to say, this snowless city has now had snow the past 5-6 years. Yes it's brief and nothing like Reno, but it is still a little taste of what I miss.
I kind of love even watching the less experienced snow folk freak out about driving or even going to work (rain or shine my job as a nurse MUST go on). And how the city goes into panic with snow tires and snow machines for just an inch or two of natures powdered sugar.

I need to get to Reno soon for a visit and just some good old fashion playtime in the sierra Nevada snow:)


  1. Lindsey, How well I remember working in downtown Seattle in a high rise and watching the cars slide down the road from Capital Hill. Learning to drive in Montana it was high entertainment to watch the inexperienced try to navigate the icy hills.
    I am back living in Montana now and today it is 10 degrees below zero and we, like alot of the country, have had enough snow already. But in all honesty........I have the day off today. I am cozy in my house with a fire and a hot cup of tea. I am good.

  2. Our first snow was absolutely beautiful this year. Big, big flakes swirling all around and bright enough to fetch the newspaper at 5:00 AM without a porch light. We're expecting a big storm late this afternoon/early evening. I'm not excited about it as my golf season is fast approaching and I'm really ready for spring (such as it is here in Carson City). The guest room is always available. Come soon.

  3. Oh Lindsey, come here for a quick minute. I'm so over this snow. Last Friday we had a 70 degree day. By Tuessday morning we had 8 inches of snow on the ground. By yesterday it was all melted. And It's been raining now for over 24 hours and looks like it's snowing again.
    Pittsburgh weather is second to none!


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