Saturday, October 9, 2010

This little train almost got off the track

Sometimes, okay maybe very often, I push myself to the point of too much. I work too much, then play too much, then just do too much. And then it hits me. I am so exhausted I feel horrible and just need to sleep. Yesterday was one of those days. I hit the wall around 3pm but still had to work until 7:30 which was not pretty. Mentally, physically, or emotionally:(
I was in bed by 8:30 and I really don't think I even moved all night. And it was one of those nights where I slept so hard I didn't even dream.
My point is that no matter how hard you push yourself you have limits and if you don't listen to them, someone else makes you listen to them. Begin part of the medical field I can tell you sleep is underrated. Scientists and doctors have studied sleep and don't really know why you need it. They can't find an exact reason as to why we need to sleep. So since they don't know why, they don't value it. I have patients all the time that are so sleep deprived they get a little or even a lot coo-coo. Or they just don't feel good or do as well.
So maybe sleep is your time to subconsciously connect with something higher. To process your life so it doesn't get off track. Of just time to take a break from yourself and your purposeful thoughts.
I know I am much better today mentally from my golden 9 hours sleep.
I feel good:) Maybe James Brown got a really good nights sleep before writing that song:)


  1. Oh, I soooo agree with you about sleep, and I wish I could get my 8 hours in each night too....but it somehow never seems to happen!
    Your Mama

  2. When I'm doing the "wake up at 2:00 AM and can't get back to sleep" venue, I get up and do computer work or watch an old movie or whatever. I have the luxury to take power naps whenever the body says "stop, rest me". My furry friend Hobo thinks I'm nuts but then he can't verbalize this to the neighbors and friends. My secret is safe with him. This is one of those wide-eyed mornings.

  3. So right on!!!!
    I enjoy your blog-- especially after a good night's sleep! :)


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