Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Vegas weekend was a blast! We did the pool, the spa, shopped, saw an awesome show, and laughed so much my stomach muscles hurt:) I always have the best time with my sister and her hubs. A couple of things we really noticed with our people watching this weekend....

Kids really don't like Vegas and don't really fit in but so many people bring them!

People should not text and walk or really do anything on their phone while walking it's dangerous and annoying.

Burts beeswax lip balm is bad for your pores:(

Men design hotel rooms, we know this because the only full length mirror was behind a desk;) and the lighting was not great:(

Security guards at hotels are cute little old men who unlock your room as many times as your key doesn't work:)

And beautiful weather, fun people, and lack of responsibility make for a fun trip:) this may need to be an annual event...


  1. So glad you came! That is the most fun I've had in Vegas since the last time I went with you!

  2. Cute little old men unlocking your door? Does that mean that the two of you left the key in your room? Cute pic of you at the window!


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