Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun Firsts

In the beginning of my single journey I remember crying to one of my girlfriends about how I would "never go to a movie with him again, or ever take a walk with him again, or even kiss him again." It was quite dramatic and panic provoking....just the idea of being alone I guess? Or maybe just loosing someone you were so use to doing all of those things with. These old things has a certain degree of comfortable, and now I was very uncomfortable.
One of my girlfriends has been married for almost 10 years, she just had her second baby and she is loving life. She loves her life 110%, but she said something to me that is so true. She reminded me that even though that chapter was closed in my life and yes I would not be doing any of those things with him..... I was going to get to have new "firsts." She said how she remembers and still has the feelings of "firsts" with her husband, now they just involve babies teething or learning to talk:)

She just reminded me of how......
I get to have a first date with someone else. I get to have a first laugh with someone else. I even get to have a first kiss with someone else. I get to feel all teenage like (in a good way) and be excited to talk to this someone on the phone until 2 am:)

I do have a lot of "lasts" that sting once in awhile, but the "firsts" are starting to multiply and I am not complaining one bit about those:)


  1. You've got it right. Here's to those wonderful, butterfly feeling firsts you're going to get to experience!
    Your Mama

  2. You got it! I went through my divorce last year, and I'm betting I was just as, if not more dramatic as you were. We had been married 10 years, he was my first everything, and oh my mercy did I think the world was gonna end! But just like you, those firsts started happening and all those lasts started to hurt a little less and less...

  3. I have to agree with you... I pulled the drama lama called out a lot during the process... how could i ever laugh with anyone else.. how could i ever do this with anyone else...
    To be honest, I look back now and realize, that I am laughing louder now than i have ever laughed in my life, i'm doing more firsts this past year than in my entire life... I finally realized, for the first time in my life, I'm truly living. Truly enjoying life.... and when I do have those firsts with new guys, I do like it. I'm realizing the fun in dating and starting all these new beginnings...
    I wish you the best!


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