Thursday, September 9, 2010

Free advice

I have been working hard and playing even harder. My days are filled with work or something fun and then I am always on the phone with somebody lately. One of my besties is going thru a hard time so I am on the phone with her, or I'm on the phone with my pals from near and far catching up (they like living vicariously though my single fun life)....or I am on the phone with someone else:)
I, as usual, am always trying to do everything. ALL THE TIME. Until I pretty much drop. My body usually gives me the yellow signal light that I ignore, or it's actually more like the gas light in your car turning on...but I continue to drive. And the other night was one of those nights, I was running on empty and sooo tired but restless. This has now become my norm. So I took ambien to try encourage some much needed sleep.
Which would have been great...but then I ended up getting on the phone thinking I would only chat a little while because the ambien would most likely make me hit the wall.
The conversation must have been good because this caller never disappoints. But..... it is kind of hazy cloudy. The next thing I knew I was on my way to work probably, um....8ish hours later..... realizing I don't remember getting off the phone:(
People had told me, I should say WARNED me about ambien but I just thought they had issues honestly. One of my girlfriends said she pruned her trees on it, another said she woke up naked in her family room, and the list goes on. I just thought they were crazy and not in the right mind frame when they took the little pink pill, but now I am a believer.
So a little word of advice, if you don't want a panic attack the next morning thinking "I hope I wasn't slurring my words" (but I probably was) then definitely no talking on the phone after taking an ambein.....

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  1. Guess what my little pal! Sometimes you really need an "alone time" for both your mind and body. It becomes restful and insiteful. No need to be in a hurry through life. Just enjoy the opening of new life's adventures and experiences. Really and truly life is hills and valleys and you're not driving the bus. Trust me! Then ,of course, I didn't receive such sage advice from a little old women when I needed it.


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