Saturday, July 30, 2011

Words like steel

Well I am a woman of my word. I think that is the one sentence I could honestly use to describe myself. This is a gift and a curse. My words are as strong and dependable as steel.
If I say I am going to do something, if I verbalize I am going to do something, then it will 100% of the time happen.
For instance, the 100 mile bike ride. Well even when I was falling apart with stress and physical exhaustion.....when I had so many reasons to quit....I did it anyways because I SAID I would. Yes the cause was great and wanted to do it, but really since I SAID I was going to do was a contract with myself I would not break.
Some call it determination, some call it stubbornness, but I am just a slave to my word.
This is also a problem at times. A problem because I take on way more than I can handle by doing this. I push and push and push, which I think leads to me completing everything on my list but none of it 100% perfect or how I would like to have finished it.
I am full of hope, possibility, and excitement lately with all the changes in my life. I am thinking about everything I want to do, but I have to admit it is a little daunting.
Everything from what kind of wedding to which dishes to keep. I feel like there are so many decisions.
And what I love love love love love love about Mr. Big Dog is that he helps me make them. I am not the only one trying to plan and organize. And I also love that NONE of them have to be decided tonight, even though I feel like they have a time bomb ticking with each and every single one of them. Like they have expiration dates linked to them. I know they don't because Mr. Big Dog reminds me they don't and he talks me down off the crazy ledge when I need him to the most.
So for now, I am going to keep my mouth shut and not commit to much if anything. I'm just going to breathe and finish all of my current projects until they are all done.
The first of which is to finish emptying all the moving boxes:( Wish me luck;)


  1. I'm wishing you lots of luck kiddo. Maybe if you put your "to do list" in writing. Put those things on a calendar so you can see when you're overloading unnecessarily.

  2. Steel is an amazing thing. I can give you all kinds of random facts about it. :)
    But remember, when the buildings crumble, the steel (typically) is still standing.

    I wish you the best of luck with your unpacking. So excited for you!

  3. Oh, pul-eeeease. You are doing awesome. It looks like you have lived there... for-evah!!!
    You're doing just fine, so relax and enjoy this fabulous time of your life!
    Your Mama


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