Thursday, July 14, 2011

Much slower the third time around

I gotta tell you, depression and stress really helps with running. And so with this epiphany, I have found I am too happy and stress free to run at the moment. I have to get moving and pick up my mileage for Hood to Coast. This will be my third Hood to Coast, and I would like to think each year would get easier and faster. However, I have only run twice in the last week and it was pain-ful!!! I mean I am slow and it's more of a walk opposed to the last two years. The last two years were so stressful and my personal life was so overdone with emotional junk that I think running kept me sane. I think my stamina is still used up a little from all the biking (at least that's what I am telling myself). And don't get me wrong the biking was great but there was an element of stress to push me.. the weekly commitment....oh and of course CANCER (really it was my motivator), and knowing people donated to the cause and were supporting me.

So solutions......Well I am not going to add un-needed stress for sure. For obvious reasons I am not going to change the climate of my happy mood:) So I am open for any advice. What can I do to get in the running zone again without my past motivators? I am trying a new play list to start:) But really I am lacking in motivation:(

Any suggestions.....


  1. Haha. You will be fine. The 4 0 day challenge I did helped me. But I will say you have to change your thoughts on running. I ran to put my fives somewhere else and to release stress. Now I challenge myself when I run. I know I can do anything now. I feel so much syringe this time around. One more thing. A use of heart rate mo.orient also helps ne from being lazy.

  2. Just keep thinking about getting to your destination. What a great reward that will be! Okay, what are you going to reward yourself? Wedding plans? Ice Cream? A weekend getaway with Mr BD? You'll think of something sweetie.

  3. hmm... I'm so the wrong one to ask. Oh, wait, you probably weren't talking to me in this post.


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