Friday, July 8, 2011

New to me home......

Well......I am going to be officially homeless at the end of July. It's bittersweet because I love love love my little cottage. But it was never to be my forever home. I renovated every single corner of it back to a newer version of it's 1940's charm. I put a lot of love into her over the past 7 years and it actually just started to be complete this past year. I even loved how I decorated this past Christmas, soooo cozy and homey:)

Putting it on the market for sale just felt right....Mr. Big Dog and I had done a lot of talking and I felt like it was time.
I feel like I have to listen to that little voice inside and it was saying "time to sell, it will sell now." So after planning and lots of reflection I did it. And now Mr. Big Dog and I are starting to plan and combine our soon to be new home together. His home.

It's a newer, made to look older, farmhouse. At least that's what I call it. I think it is breath taking when you first see it.

I think it is a great house for us to make our first home together.
With all of that being said.....(sorry honey aka Mr.Big Dog) you can tell a man has lived in this house alone for awhile. It just isn't homey yet....but honey it will be:)
As my mom said "it's just dying for a woman's touch."
So over the next few months I will be giving it my loving touch and starting to make it more our home with Mr. Big Dog's help. I am excited to get into house projects and decorating.....Mr. Big Dog is a little nervous I think:)
But I kind of have a list and be ready for posts on projects and lots of before and afters.......I can't wait:)


  1. WoW what a fantastic house! I love that you both have red doors... hahah I can't wait to see pictures of the before and afters...

  2. Yes, it will be a lot of fun...but, don't forget...we've got a wedding to plan!!!
    Your Mama


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