Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lab partners for life

Mr. Big Dog and I were talking....we actually talk a lot. We talk about nothing and we talk about everything. And I think talking is so underrated. People should make it bold, highlighted, and neon lit when making something a priority in a relationship. Just TALKING.

We talk about the past, present and the future. We share everything. And I know to some people that may seem normal, easy and just mundane but I think for us it is a breath of fresh air. I can say honestly and from experience that this is not always the case in relationships. I know communication can be so hard, one sided and misinterpreted.
But for us it seems easy and so enjoyable.....

Mr. Big Dog was highlighting this the other night. We were discussing how much of a priority communication should always be with us. He had this great analogy about how we are picking each other as "lab partners for life in the classroom of life." I couldn't make this up if I wanted to:) But really it is a good analogy. After I called him a Hallmark card and accused him of finding this analogy somewhere on the Internet (which for the record I did google and could not yes he gets an A+ for originality) ....we talked about how we are learning about life together everyday and we are going to experience it together. We talked about how it's such a partnership as we start down this new engagement/marriage path.
What I do directly affects him, and vice-versa. We are working on a project together (aka a long life together full of happiness;) ) and no matter what we are in it together. Like lab partners we depend on one another, and want the best outcome with our partnership. Both being high achievers I think we are shooting for that grade A marriage people can envy and we are both fully satisfied and happy. We will take the good, bad and ugly as it comes and work through it.

Both of our past lab partners did not really pull their weight. And this is not to be mean, they just weren't the RIGHT lab partners.
And now I can say it is so different and feels so good to have my partner be someone I know I can depend on. I know he is motivated, thoughtful, determined, excited, optimistic, loving and just plain and simple will support his side of this relationship. Not to mention easy on the eyes and funny;) He loves me for me and supports me in all my craziness and at times my over the top goals and dreams.
I am not naive, I am not unrealistic. I know we will have hard times, it won't always be easy and perfect. But I do know that even when it's hard, it will be something we will get through with each other and God. I know we will be there for one another no matter what. I have so much faith about it that it feels like it's oozing out of my skin.
So I now have a perfect lab partner for life....and I know God planned him just for me:)


  1. I don't know you - love your blog and loved your Mom's space at Camas Antiques - but I totally get the 'oozing out of my skin' ! My husband and I lovingly refer to it as our hearts "eh'ing" - short form for 'exhubertantly happy'! We too are big 'talkers' - and like you and your Sweetie, it didn't take us long to know we were partners-for-life (although we are 'art partners' rather than 'lab partners' - he's blue, I'm red and together we will always make purple - our shade of purple will vary depending on who is the stronger of us at any particular moment but we will never again be simply blue or red !) There truly is nothing better than waking up with your best friend every morning and knowing you get to do it again the next day too ! Congratulations on your engagement ! Blessings, Patti

  2. I love your first comment, it blends in so well with your post. Heartfelt congratulations to the two of you on your life together.
    - Joy


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