Sunday, April 10, 2011

Such a find:) Hello Cupcake on Etsy

First of all. If you haven't been on Etsy, get on there today (of course after you read my blog;)).
But really it's funny how many of my friends are Etsy addicts after the baby shower I threw in late January. Every single gift I gave was from Etsy. It was funny, the oohs and ahhhhhhs followed by "Where did you get that?" and every single time my response was "on Etsy" and "oh a girl from New York on Etsy" or "a girl in London on Etsy." Seriously it is the best website/shopping addiction ever. You can find truly thoughtful, unique, one of a kind stuff everywhere on Etsy. And I do, OFTEN. I like the idea of supporting small businesses, mainly women out there making often handmade quality items. And the creativity is amazing! The ideas and the flexibility to email the seller directly and tweak items to be even more perfect and personalized for you.
So you all know I have been working on my fundraising for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society a lot as of late and my goal of 3600 dollars seems so far away. I am starting to panic in my true Lindsey fashion, which I think again is a trait from dear old Mum:) (sorry mom, I'm just saying) but I do love you:)
Thoughts of "oh my goodness what have I committed to" and "how do people do this?!!" are starting to slip into my mind. I am not as much worried about the physical aspect of the 100 miles, that seems nothing compared to the 1900 dollars I have yet to raise.

I keep finding I am in situations where I am telling someone about my cause and then don't really have something on hand to give them to nicely remind them later to get online and donate to LLS on my site.
So..... I needed some thank you cards for my awesome family and friends who have donated thus far:) Thanks again everybody!
So on to Etsy I went:) Something with a bike was my plan. Of course I was not disappointed.
Gosh I love that place. That is where I found Hello Cupcake, who also has a fabulous blog.
Anyways, I found Hello Cupcake (such an adorable name too! It was calling to me) and she has these awesome sets called "job seekers kits" on her Etsy page. Again such a creative idea! So then then she tailored this kit to my needs for my LLS fundraising. Instead of resume papers, I did more thank yous. Instead of business cards I did calling cards with my LLS web page on them. And the return labels are so perfect I was squealing as I addressed my cards for mailing.
And most importantly I will have a little cute card to hand off quickly to anyone I am gabbing on and on to about Leukemia and my 100 mile bike ride. Priceless, yet so affordable thanks to Hello Cupcake. Aren't they sooo cute???!!!


  1. I'm so happy that you're happy with how it all turned out! Yay!!!!!

  2. Waay to cute. Think I'll go to that website and browse. Bet I find something I have to have but do not need. Love shopping like that.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi Lindsey :) I just got your thank you card yesterday. It is just too cute. Love your blog.


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