Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lots to do with little time:(

My day was supposed to be organized and calm but all fell apart and has been duct taped back together...... gotta love life sometimes:)
Birthday breakfast with a friend....check
Visited my 97 year old friend in the hospital with a broken pelvis.....check
240 cupcakes for sale tomorrow thanks to my mom saving me with my lack of time.......check
Mandatory Auntie Patrol due to a very sick sister....check
Meeting for two hours for work......coming soon

And then more cupcakes for Saturday.......hopefully I will get to go to sleep at some point tonight

Oh how I am my mother's daughter......everything happens at the same time!
Wish me luck and energy!!!! I'm hoping to make a dent in my fundraising goal for LLS with my cupcake sales!!!


  1. Oh how I WISH you hadn't inherited this gene from me, hunny bunny!!!!!!!
    Thank God for Mr. Big Dog pickiing up all thise cartons of cupcakes from my place, huh??
    Your Mama

  2. Yep you are your mother's daughter! What's so scary is when both of you have "one of those days" at the same time. :o) The best part of this situation is that everyone pulls together as a family with lots of support. That's a good thing.


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