Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bump in the night

Mr. Big Dog and I had a late night visitor at his house the other night. First we heard two gun shots (he lives in a more rural area....kinda out in the country but in the city), which Mr. Big Dog (MBD) promptly in his manly fashion had to run outside to check out. I was peeking out the window, IPhone in hand ready to call 911 for any sort of foul play. I was thinking murder, he was thinking varmints I guess.
And what did he find but a large (probably 20lbs) possum dying in the front flower bed. Who knows what happened, our theory was the neighbor must have shot him for some reason. It was sad and gross.
I come from city life, real city life. Seeing a dog die is about as close to animal death as I have been. And that's more of a pet thing. I did have to call someone to come and deal with raccoons last summer, really I know they met an untimely death...but it wasn't at my was critter control. Thank god for critical control, because this areas is just not one of my strongest points.
Mr. Big Dog on the other hand, has been hunting and grew up in Alaska..which automatically makes him less city and more country just by the shear lack of people up there. Or I guess the ratio of land to people is greater so they are more spread out.....which in my mind means more wild animals.....this is just my theory;) Either way, he has had more experience with this sort of dead wild animal thing.

So MBD had to deal with the possum all alone, since there is no way I could have.

And it may sound weird but it got me to thinking deeper. About how I think we each have strengths and weaknesses. This goes for every single person. And when you are half of a couple, it nice to see that you can depend on your other half for your weaknesses.
Maybe your strength its that you do better with less sleep, can multi task four things at once, and know how to cook an amazing meatloaf.....while your other half can organize anything down to minutes or pennies, can fix anything, and can talk you off a stress ledge 7 stories high within minutes.
I guess the poor dead possum just made me realize yet again, how great Mr. Big Dog nice it is to have him as part of my life. For the good, bad and the grossly ugly;)

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