Thursday, April 14, 2011

I can see clearly now the rain is gone...

Lately I have been having a lot of surreal thoughts. I mean a year ago at this time I was at an entirely different place in my life. Physically this time last year I was actually in Idaho surprising my long time friend for his 30th birthday. The look on his face was priceless, especially after not seeing him for over 5 years!

I, personally, was dreading turning 30 last year. I came back to town from Idaho and only a few short days later was completely surprised by a party my sister and family had planned weeks for. And my long time friend was even there......after I had just been at his surprise party days before.
But it's weird. Can life change that much in just a year? I mean really 365 days can be so far away and so different. I had a different life. I had a different name. I had different outlook and thoughts about everything. I think I had buried a lot of dreams, and given up on myself and compromised a lot of what I really wanted.
Back to the surreal thoughts.....I guess it's comforting and disturbing to me. I mean disturbing that life can change so quickly. It can get turned upside down with the snap of your fingers. It can all change with a phone call or a conversation. It can change forever.
But on a comforting level, nothing has to stay the way it is. You can be a different person in less than 365 days. It may take 300 days for you to be at a completely different, much happier place. The good, bad and the ugly can all change within minutes, hours, and days. 304 have made the world of difference for me.
So if your out there, feeling down and overwhelmed by some of the ugly life can throw you....I'm proof that you can put happier times on your calendar. You will get through it and you will look back and be better for it. ( I know a lot of annoying people told me I would, and I didn't believe them) But I can see clearly now the rain is gone.... ( check out those clothes!)


  1. Great post, and words of wisdom beyond your puny 31-derful years, hunny bunny. I NEEDED to be reminded that things can get better today. Thanks for that too.
    Your Mama

  2. You should have trusted me...and I'm not anniying:)

  3. Sooooo true! The 13th was the date of my finalization. However, we were seperated for almost a year at that point.. I'm looking back to last year at this time.. All I can think is
    'Why did I waste so much time NOT being happy.' A year can make a HUGE change.

    Also - I think you should watch that video before your bike rides :) Because I would need some sort of motivation!
    Take it easy.


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