Saturday, April 23, 2011

Need I say more?

This picture was after 12 hours at work, and 12 hours of already selling 20 dozen baby cakes for LLS that day. My mom pretty much single handedly did the batch the day before but since they were such a huge success. I came home and made more. I even look crazy in the picture. I actually sold out by 12:30!
The cupcakes were a huge hit and I am happy to say I am about 700 dollars closer to my fundraising goal:) All it took was mom's help, determination, sleep deprivation and lots of sugar;)
Mr. Big Dog helped out tremendously by picking up some baked ones from my mom and then by assembling them all in their cute little boxes once I was done with manic frosting. He hadn't seen me in crazy mode yet (you know how you can get with stress and only people really close get to see your evil twin...well lets just say this smile was forced by him needing to document my craziness). And Rachel (my evil twin) only made a brief appearance.
But overall, it was well worth it. It was a lot of work but it gave a quick jump start to my goal of 3,600 by the end of May.
So....for Easter I will definitely NOT be having any cupcakes, I'm a little sick of the cute little things:( But I'm sure that won't last too long:)

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  1. You do extremely well with all the team workers. Great team effort.


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